No Barriers No Borders - Mixed-Ability Projects

Find out how you can set up international mixed-ability projects, in which young people with and without a disability have a meaningful and fun experience together. (2008 Update)

No Barriers No Borders

There are approximately 15% of people with a disability in Europe. So we could ask ourselves if also 15% of our friends have a disability, or 15% of our colleagues at work, or 15% of the young persons in our youth organisation.

No Barriers, No Borders is a practical booklet aiming to stimulate the participation of young people with a disability in international youth projects. It is not about setting up specific projects for people with a disability, but it promotes International Mixed-Ability projects, in which young people with and without a disability live, work and have fun together as peers.

No Barriers, No Borders helps mainstream youth workers and project organisers to think more inclusively and to involve young people with disabilities in their international projects. The booklet gives lots of practical tips and tricks to make a Mixed-Ability Project a positive and mind-changing experience for all involved.

If you are a youth worker (mainly) working with young people with disabilities, this booklet wants to challenge you to involve young people without disabilities in your activities. Because social inclusion is about creating opportunities for pleasant and respectful contact and cooperation. And an international mixed-ability youth project does just that!

This booklet is part of the SALTO 'Inclusion for ALL' series. Check out the complete series at

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