Youth and the City - international opportunities for Urban Youth

Discover how to set up international youth projects in disadvantaged (sub)urban areas. With information on where to find partners, money, ideas - and how to overcome challenges (2012 update).

Youth and the City

Youth gangs are killing each other in London, teenagers are burning cars in Paris, shops in Birmingham are looted, youth protestors are battered by police in Warsaw, young people take to the streets of Madrid, Greece has 50% youth unemployment,...

Life does not seem all that positive in disadvantaged (sub)urban areas. That's why youth workers, street workers and social workers are all the more important in creating some alternatives for young people in the cities.

Why not try an international youth project? It opens up young people's worlds and helps them put things into perspective. Life in the city isn't that bad after all!

"Youth and the City" is a practical manual for youth workers about setting up meaningful international youth projects with young people in those disadvantaged (sub)urban areas. This booklet is about giving young people positive opportunities in the city area.

"Youth and the City" gives you suggestions and tips for motivating your group, finding partner-groups abroad, raising funds for your urban project, working with the local community, encouraging participation and intercultural learning, avoiding things going wrong and lots more.

  • We hope this booklet will give you inspiration to bring an international dimension to your urban youth work and to create life-changing opportunities for the young people you work with.

This booklet is part of the SALTO 'Inclusion for ALL' series. Check out the complete series at

Urban Youth Seminars

'Youth and the City' is based on the Urban Solutions seminar and research (Birmingham 2012) and the SALTO 'Urban Youth Seminar' (Les Mureaux, 2007).

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