NAs: Make Inclusion happen

Erasmus+ National Agencies are our privileged partners. Providing effective support is one of our central tasks.

  • SALTO Inclusion Support for NAs

    We give NA Staff the chance to network and think about how to make their Inclusion efforts easier and more efficient. We may also act as a co-organiser of training courses deemed particularly important by the NAs.

    SALTO Inclusion Support for NAs
  • ID Officers

    This is a password-protected page. Only NA colleagues with NA user rights and SALTO can access this page. Use it wisely ;-)

    ID Officers
  • ID Strategy Library

    An overview of the Inclusion & Diversity plans of different National Agencies for inspiration.

  • Colleague Support Groups

    Get Inspired for the inclusion work in your National Agency! Colleague Support Groups give ten NA inclusion officers the opportunity to meet and tackle Inclusion issues together.

    Colleague Support Groups
  • ID Tool and Training for Assessors

    Assessors hold the key to granting inclusion and diversity projects and accreditations. We developed a cheat sheet + explanation for assessors to read applications through an I&D lens and to write a supportive assessment. This ID Tool is accompanied by a training session for assessors, for which you find all materials on this page.

  • Create Your Own Inclusion Strategy

    We encourage NAs to develop their own national-level strategies to maximise the impact of their Inclusion work.

    Create Your Own Inclusion Strategy
  • Inclusion & Diversity Kitchen - Online staff training on inclusion & diversity

    Providing a basic knowledge on ID and offering a set of recipes to the NA staff to better support ID colleagues and inclusion groups and organisations. The ID Kitchen will make inclusion & diversity everybody’s business and train new ID sous chefs. 5-7 February 2024, online.

    Inclusion & Diversity Kitchen - Online staff training on inclusion & diversity
  • ID Kitchen Podcast

    The podcast about promoting inclusion and diversity in all areas of work at National Agencies and making ID everyone's business!

    Talking about why inclusion and diversity matter, who is responsible for that in everyday work, what tools are available, the role of communication and how to get others on board for promoting inclusion and diversity.

    ID Kitchen Podcast
  • ID Temperature Check Tool

    Inclusion and Diversity Temperature Check tool to assess the inclusion and diversity efforts of your National Agency. This ID Tool is accompanied by the profile and job description of the Inclusion & Diversity Officer.

    ID Temperature Check Tool
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