Inclusion through Employability - approaches to youth employment

Discover the key findings from a research on youth employment and social exclusion. This publication presents success criteria for employment projects for young people with fewer opportunities. (2014 update)

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Inclusion through Employability

This publication helps practitioners to develop and carry out successful actions to support young people to find a job, especially those at a disadvantage compared to their peers. The report lists 4 key elements for effective and motivating employment projects:

  • involvement and participation of young people
  • holistic coordination and governance
  • non-formal learning approaches
  • a few remarks about entrepreneurship

Get inspired for employment projects

This publication contains:

  • Some key concepts around youth and social exclusion.
  • Trends in youth employment in recent years in the European Union.
  • Outline of the impact of the economic crisis on youth employment.
  • Overview of key EU youth policy development.
  • Collection of recommended approaches that have been found to be effective when attempting to get excluded youth into the labour market.

This booklet is part of the SALTO 'Inclusion for ALL' series. Check out the complete series at

A strategy to combat youth unemployment

This initiative is part of SALTO Inclusion's long-term strategy to combat youth unemployment. Inclusion through Employability draws on reports and papers from research seminars and on a round table with experts from the field.

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  • Success criteria for employment projects

    Success criteria for employment projects

  • Inclusion through Employability & Working on Work (Estonian)

    Inclusion through Employability & Working on Work (Estonian)


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