Tools developed by SALTO

Useful tools for European Youth Worker Training and Partner-finding

  • European Training Calendar

    Everything at a glance: training within the YOUTH IN ACTION Programme and beyond! Are you curious about what Europe has to offer in training activities in the field of youth and non-formal education? Would you like to contribute to the varied range to make it even more attractive? Search this online calendar for interesting international training and use it for promoting your own training offers!

    European Training Calendar
  • SALTO Network Publications

    SALTO Network provides a number of publications and leaflets which you can order from the relevant SALTO Resource Centers - most of them also exist in electronic version to download directly from the SALTO site. Let yourself be inspired!

    SALTO Network Publications
  • Tool for Online Forms

    To change text at the startpage of the Online Forms generator please send your corrections to 

  • Toolbox for Training & Youth Work

    Created to help you find and share useful training Tools, the Toolbox for training is an online catalogue you can browse through freely or even contribute to!

    Toolbox for Training & Youth Work
  • Otlas - the partner-finding tool

    Finding partners for international projects has never been easier.

    Otlas - the partner-finding tool
  • Good practices for better projects

    Get inspired by a wide variety of successful projects. Have a look at existing networks, innovative project concepts, previous projects with the neighbouring regions or project experience on inclusion.

    Good practices for better projects
  • TOY-Trainers Online for Youth

    An easy way to find a trainer for your international training activities in the youth field. Training organisers can search the TOY profiles of an increasing number of experienced youth trainers. Trainers can promote their trainer skills in the TOY database.

    TOY-Trainers Online for Youth
  • Call for trainers

    An easy way to launch your call for trainers to all the international trainers listed in the TOY Trainer database.

  • Evaluation

    Why do we evaluate? Who is it for and how do we do it? This section provides answers to some of these questions and also information, resources and tools to support you in the evaluation process.

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