Research: Base Your Work on Knowledge

Research on young people with fewer opportunities, and the obstacles they have to face, is food for thought and enables evidence-based policy and practice.

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  • Inclusion and Erasmus+ Youth in Action

    When it comes to the European Youth Programmes, Inclusion has been the focus of research for a while now.

  • How Mobility affects Inclusion Groups

    SALTO Inclusion asked the University of Innsbruck for an inclusion analysis of the impact of Youth in Action.

  • What works and what doesn't work

    SALTO Inclusion commissioned a series of studies about the 'success criteria' of interventions in the youth field, in order to inspire youth workers and provide them with guidelines to strengthen their own practice:

  • More Inclusion Research

    Other institutions have conducted or commissioned great research that gives further insight into issues related to Inclusion.

  • Inclusion: breaking the invisible wallInclusion: breaking the invisible wall
  • European Voluntary Servicefor All!European Voluntary Service
    for All!
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