Inclusion research regarding youth

Get inspired by research on young people with fewer opportunities and the obstacles they face. Food for thought to root (y)our policy and practice in evidence.

Inclusion in E+ Youth in Action

How many inclusion projects are funded by the European programmes for youth?

  • Within the Youth in Action programme (2007-13), 47.3% of projects indicated that they addressed the priority of inclusion and
  • one out of 4 participants had 'fewer opportunities' according to the applicants. (more YiA inclusion statistics in Annex III of the ID Strategy).

What is the impact of Youth in Action on inclusion?

SALTO Inclusion asked the University of Innsbruck to do an inclusion analysis of the RAY data about the impact of Youth in Action, collected by 20 researchers and Youth in Action national agencies across Europe.

  • Young people with fewer opportunities generally benefit more than well-off youth from mobility projects. (download research findings)
  • International projects about inclusion generate more social effects than other projects. (download research findings)
  • Is there any difference between different inclusion groups how Youth in Action affects them? (Article coming soon)

What works and what doesn't?

SALTO Inclusion comissioned a series of researches on the 'success criteria' for interventions in the youth field. This gives youth workers inspiration and guidelines to strengthen their own practice.

European Youth Reports

This 'dashboard on youth' presents every 3 years a picture of young people in Europe regarding demography, education & training, employment & entrepreneurship, social inclusion, health & wellbeing, participation, voluntary activities, creativity & culture and youth & the world. This is the basis for European priorities for the next years.

Mapping study of barriers to inclusion

The Partnership for Youth mapped the barriers that young people can face to access opportunities in education, labour market, housing, health and social interaction. Download the report: Finding a place in modern Europe.

European Knowledge Centre on Youth Policy

The EKCYP-platform provides an online database with knowlegde about young people's situation across Europe, also in the field of Inclusion (social cohesion).

Do you know any great inclusion research? Share it below!

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  • Inclusion: breaking the invisible wallInclusion: breaking the invisible wall


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