SALTO-YOUTH stands for Support, Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities for Youth. It works within the Erasmus+ Youth and the European Solidarity Corps programmes. 


SALTO-YOUTH is a network of seven Resource Centres working on European priority areas within the youth field.

As part of the European Commission's Training Strategy, SALTO-YOUTH provides non-formal learning resources for youth workers and youth leaders and organises training and contact-making activities to support organisations and National Agencies (NAs) within the frame of the European Commission's Erasmus+ Youth programme, the European Solidarity Corps, and beyond.

On this website you'll find lots of tools:

  • European Training Calendar is where you'll find trainings and seminars run by SALTO, European Solidarity Corps Resource Centre, Erasmus+ NAs and NGOs in the youth field
  • Toolbox for Training contains hundreds of tools and activity ideas for youth work
  • Otlas Partner Finding puts you in touch with thousands of youth projects, so you can build strong partnerships and apply for Erasmus+
  • Trainers Online for Youth is our directory of over 500 trainers, who can deliver your international training activities

Who does what?

The seven resource centres each focus on a specific topic or region. They are all based at a different Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps National Agency. The resource centres are:

In addition to their specific priorities, the SALTO-YOUTH Resource Centres have a number of joint tasks such as developing training resources, sending regular newsletters about European YOUTH priorities, providing a European Training Calendar, making experienced European youth trainers accessible and evaluating the training activities.

To have more information on the scope of thematic SALTOs, you can have a look at the mandate of thematic SALTOs:


SALTO Partnerships & Cooperation

SALTO-YOUTH does not take over the work of other actors in the field - on the contrary - SALTO strives to complement existing initiatives orbuild synergies between them.

Still hungry for more?

For further information you can download:

SALTO leaflet

In case you need a better resolution, please download:

regular print version of the SALTO leaflet


special print version of the SALTO leaflet

In 2020, SALTO-YOUTH has celebrated its 20th birthday! For the occasion, we have interviewed the so-called Humans of SALTO - 20 people who have contributed to the work of SALTO over the years. You can have a look at what they had to say about SALTO on the Humans of SALTO website.

You may also check "'Looking Forward, Looking Back', 15 years of SALTO" that was published on the 15th birthday of SALTO-YOUTH.

Let us know your opinion on our work - via our online feedback form - to make things even better.

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