Inclusion A to Z

An compass to international Inclusion projects. The best of the SALTO Inclusion youth work manuals in one publication.

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How to manage inclusion in international projects

  • Are you working with young people from fewer opportunity backgrounds? Would you like to add international mobility projects to your box of educational tools?
  • Or are you working with “mainstream” youth? Are you interested in opening up your international projects to include (more) young people from fewer-opportunity target groups?

Then this booklet might be just what you are looking for...

Erasmus+ youth projects for ALL

“Inclusion A to Z” is designed to help open up Erasmus+: Youth in Action activities to as many potential users as possible. The booklet is intended to serve as a compass to help you steer through the issues of inclusion and the steps to managing an international-level activity from beginning to end.

The combination of theory and practical methods presented here aim to equip you to either take your first steps into Erasmus+: Youth in Action with your inclusion group OR to improve the quality and scope of your current inclusion activities.

Inclusion A to Z will help YOU to start creating new and exciting chances for young people to get involved and “go international”.

Where this publication comes from

With the launch of the Erasmus+ programme, the sections in our Inclusion booklets about Youth in Action became outdated. Instead of updating each single SALTO Inclusion booklet, we merged the best of each publication in one sturdy youth work manual for inclusion.

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  • Inclusion A to Z

    Inclusion A to Z


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