Booklets, educational reports, countries' manual and video materials published by SALTO EECA or in cooperation with its partners.

  • Actual publications

    Booklets, educational reports and country specific publications relevant for youth work cooperation with Eastern Partnership countries or Russia.

    Actual publications
  • Countries' manual

    Internet resources about Eastern Partnership countries and Russian Federation main facts, youth policies, education systems and travelling information.

    Countries' manual
  • Video materials

    Our YouTube channel offers audiovisual materials from our activities, interviews with key actors that we meet throughout our work, curated playlists with videos about different areas of youth work as well as featured channels in our topics.

    Video materials
  • Archival publications

    The programmes of European Union for youth are developing and being adapted to changing needs. Therefore some publications that we have been previously involved lost their accuracy. Anyway, they might still play some historical role.

    Archival publications
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