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SALTO Resource Centres cooperates to provide the quality educational materials, brochures, booklets and reports. This is electronic as well as printed publications in English only.

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EECA Countries Manual

While organising project in cooperation with Eastern European and Caucasian countries it is very important to find useful information about the country where are we going to, as well as countries, which we are going to host. Therefore SALTO EECA RC would like to help you and provides selection of web links related to the youth issues, including general information about countries of the Region.

Information is divided according the following thematic areas: Main facts about the country, Youth policy in the country, Education system related links, Travelling and other practical information.

These on-line materials can be downloaded in a handy form of leaflets (.pdf) to be provided for participants of youth activities realized in EECA region. Visit this web-page!


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