About SALTO Inclusion: This is Us

We support the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities in international youth projects and give youth & youth workers skills to deal with diversity of all kinds.

Mission Statement

The SALTO Inclusion & Diversity Resource Centre provides resources (training tools, publications, information, and more) for persons and agencies supporting young people with fewer opportunities (Inclusion workers, youth workers, social workers, National Agencies & Coordinators). By offering opportunities for training, exchange and reflection on inclusion practice and diversity management, SALTO Inclusion & Diversity works towards the visibility, accessibility and transparency of its inclusion & diversity work and resources, and towards making 'inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities' and 'positive diversity management' a widely supported priority.

When we started, we only had the resources for organising two training course per year. But with more staff and funding, things have changed!

Today, ...

We organise around 8 activities per year.

There are almost 300 Inclusion tools in the SALTO Toolbox.

Our Website has more than 250.000 visits per year.

There are more than 100.000 downloads from our website each year.

Our newsletters reach almost 10.000 subscribers.

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