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Bringing both sides of the Mediterranean sea closer: the challenge of the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation

SALTO-YOUTH EuroMed supports and reinforces the Euro-Mediterranean Youth cooperation by offering trainings, events, educational tools and practices, support to the EuroMed Youth Units, the network and our partners.

We are hosted in ASC (Agence du Service Civique) since January 2016 and we are part of the French National Agency for the Erasmus + Youth in Action programme. In cooperation with National Agencies, we organise thematic trainings, seminars and conferences on EuroMed Youth priorities. These enable participants to share, to test, to analyse, to transfer and to develop new project ideas, new partnerships and to implement these priorities in their future projects. Moreover, our Resource Centre is also in charge of compilation and dissemination of educational tools and practices in the field of youth and training, to create a common memory.


33 programme countries: 27 EU, Liechtenstein, Iceland,Croatia, Switzerland, Norway and Turkey

8 Mediterranean Partner Countries which are involved in the Barcelona Process: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia.


  • Training Opportunities
  • International events
  • Educational tools and Good Practices
  • Support to Network
  • Partnerships

The team

Bernard Abrignani, Coordinator

Federica Demicheli, Project Officer

Stéphanie Jakubowski, Administrative Assistant

How to contact us ?

SALTO EuroMed - Agence du Service Civique, 95 Avenue de France, 75650 Paris cedex 13, phone: +33 1 70 98 93 71,


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