Working on Work - combating youth unemployment

Understand youth unemployment and learn to use Youth in Action projects as tools to support the access of young people with fewer opportunities to the labour market. (2010 update)

Working on Work

Young people have profited less from inclusion and active labour market policies than other age groups"

The Renewed Social Agenda, Thematic Study on Policy Measures concerning Disadvantaged Youth, 2005; KoK Report 2004.

At the same time, it is a generally acknowledged trend that the rate of youth unemployment is mostly higher than the adult unemployment rate and tends to vary more in response to variations in economic conditions, increasing more in recessions and recovering more quickly during booms. Hence the explosive rise in youth unemployment in the economic context of some past years in Europe is not a surprise, with youth unemployment having reached almost 30-40% in some European countries.

Unemployment is a complex, social phenomenon and efforts towards combating it require a well-planned strategic approach, combining integrated policy measures with effective practices. There exist many inspiring practices in different European countries, and together with some theoretical elaborations on the issue, this publication also takes a look at these.

While it is evident that a lot has already been done to work on unemployment among young people, unfortunately there is yet no need to be afraid of being "out-of-work" in that area.

  • So what is your next step in the work on youth unemployment?

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TC Unemployment 2009

'Working on Work' is based on the SALTO 'Unemployment Training Course' which took place in Portugal in 2009.

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