European Solidarity Corps Resource Centre

The European Solidarity Corps Resource Centre is here to assist you. We offer expertise for enhancing solidarity in Europe.

What do we do? We:

  • Organise and support events like training courses, study visits, forums, cooperation and partnership-building activities;
  • Develop and document training methods and tools related to the activities supported by the European Solidarity Corps;
  • Gather evidence and carry out analysis of good practice and obstacles concerning the European Solidarity Corps programme;
  • Support the National Agencies of Erasmus Plus and European Solidarity Corps programmes in the development and implementation of networking activities;
  • Contribute to the links and synergies between the European Solidarity Corps and the youth policy of the European Union;
  • Act as a central point of support to bring together National Agencies and SALTO – Resource Centres to reflect on and improve certain aspects related to the European Solidarity Corps programme implementation;
  • Contribute to building a community of European Solidarity Corps organisations.

Who we are:

  • Barbara Eglitis,
  • Romina Matei,
  • Georg Feiner,
  • Christine Keplinger (maternity leave)

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