SALTO European Solidarity Corps

SALTO European Solidarity Corps is here to support you. We offer expertise for enhancing solidarity and volunteering in Europe. We support high quality implementation of the European Solidarity Corps with events, publications and networking activities.

Five strategic actions of our work

SALTO ESC follows a strategy with five fields where we aim at having an impact until 2027.

  • Shaping Solidarity to establish a European narrative of solidarity and strengthen the recognition of its value.
  • Strengthening European Volunteering in order to improve the conditions for volunteering across Europe and partner regions and to spread awareness about the ESC programme and its impact. 
  • Embedding Solidarity to promote the value of solidarity across all actions and activities of the EU youth programmes by supporting their synergies.
  • Supporting Quality Implementation to provide effective support for NAs and regional SALTOs in the implementation to maximise the impact of the ESC.
  • Supporting the Building of a Community of Practice to build a thriving European community of practice around ESC, including organisations, mentors, trainers, municipalities, solidarity project organisers.

Who we are:

***Barbara Eglitis, Romina Matei, Georg Feiner, Christine Weil***

Mail us at or call us under +43 1 53408 or meet us in one of our events


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