SALTO Awards

The winners of SALTO Awards 2021 have been announced! Stay tuned for SALTO Awards 2022!

The third edition of SALTO Awards will be launched in late spring 2022 and the winners will be announced in a festive event as part of the Youth Participation Forum in November 2022.

Be ready for SALTO Awards 2022!

  • SALTO Awards website – this is where you will find videos and relevant information about the previous SALTO Awards and where this year's edition will also be featured. 


Find out more at 
Big applause to 100+ teams who submitted their projects.  

You can watch the recording of the SALTO PI 2020 Awards online celebration here.

Media and Information Literacy:

Special mentions: Conspiracy Theory Club (ICELAND) and Young Digital Leaders (ROMANIA, BULGARIA, GREECE).

Promotion and Outreach:

Special mention to iPrepare (HUNGARY, CZECH REPUBLIC, ITALY).

Youth Participation:

Special mentions to Active Citizens Living European Values (EEE-YFU), AUSTRIA, BELGIUM, CZECH REPUBLIC, ESTONIA, GERMANY, ROMANIA, SPAIN, SWEDEN and to Young Decision Makers / Noored otsustajad (Eesti Noorteühenduste Liit (ENL), ESTONIA

Special prize for inclusion and diversity:


  • Youth and the media
  • Information and critical thinking (including Media and Information Literacy)
  • Promotion and outreach (focusing on youth participation and the youth field in general)
  • Empowerment of young people for youth participation
  • Impact on decision making


By telling stories and recognising work well done, we can inspire young people, decision makers and future applicants of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps to do youth participation better.


Better is meaningful. Impactful. Well thought through and well led initiatives. Still confused? Here are some keywords for a quality check:

  • Youth participation projects where young people are involved as equal partners with adults or leading the process on their own, with the intention to be involved, express their views on, and have decision making power or influence the decisions that concern them.
  • Media and Information Literacy and Communication projects where activities are focused on improving youth participation. Quality of information and skills of critical thinking are the key to be able to understand, make choices and influence decisions.
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