No Offence Booklet

Discover how to set up international youth projects with young offenders, ex-offenders and young people at risk of offending or currently in prison. Everybody gets a second chance, No Offence! (2010 update)

No Offence!

The target group described in this booklet are: young offenders and ex-offenders and those young people at risk of offending.

A group which you will not find represented a lot in international projects and more specifically in the Youth in Action programme. There are many reasons for this.

  • An obvious one is that the travelling possibilities for young people in prison are limited.
  • Another one is that people working with this target-group have considerable doubts about if it's really possible to send this kind of young people on a European Voluntary Service-project to another country or to take a group of them on a Youth Exchange.
  • A third reason could be that people simply don't know about the opportunities that the Youth in Action programme offers.

The main reason for this booklet is that many projects done over the past years with this target-group have turned out to be successful. They not only showed that projects are very well possible with this group but they also made clear that the young people participating in these international projects profited to a great extend from these experiences. The impact of the projects often had a very positive influence on the lives of these young people.

This booklet is part of the SALTO 'Inclusion for ALL' series. Check out the complete series at

TC No Offence 2006

  • The No Offence Booklet is based on the ideas, methods and outcomes of the SALTO "TC No Offence" youth worker training course (2006).

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The following downloads are available:

  • No Offence - projects with (ex) offenders - 2010 update

    How to organise (international) youth projects with young offenders, ex-offenders and young people at risk of offending or currently in prison - despite some limitations. Based on SALTO TC No Offence 2006.

  • Neaizskarot (No Offence - Latvian Version - 2009)

    The No Offence booklet about setting up Youth in Action projects with young ex-offenders or youth in prisons is now also available in Latvian language. Want to translate more SALTO Inclusion booklets?

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