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Active Participation of young people in democratic life is a priority of the European Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme.  

In SALTO-YOUTH Participation & Information RC, we subscribe to the following definition of youth participation:

"a process where young people, as active citizens, take part in, express views on, and have decision-making power about issues that affect them." (Farthing, 2012)

Youth participation is not merely a nice thing to do - it is a fundamental right of young people. Its principles are enshrined in international treaties of the United Nations, laws, policy documents and resolutions of the European Union and its member states.

SALTO-YOUTH Participation & Information Resource Centre (SALTO PI) works on behalf of the European Commission, Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sports and Culture. 

It is supporting the European Commission, the network of National Agencies of Erasmus+:Youth in Action in 33 programme countries, and other partners involved in fostering participation of young people in democratic processes. It acts as an evidence-based knowledge hub and impartial broker based on its expertise and experience with programme management to contribute to the links and synergies between European Union youth policy and programmes. 

  • What does SALTO Participation & Information RC do?

    The network of SALTO-YOUTH Resource Centres was reorganised in 2017, and the renewed SALTO Participation & Information RC started operation on the 1st of January 2018 in Estonia. From 2007 till 2017, SALTO Participation RC was hosted by Bureau International Jeunesse (BIJ) in Belgium and SALTO Information RC was hosted by the Swedish National Agency.

  • SALTO PI priority areas

    SALTO Participation & Information RC facilitates and supports the developments in the following key areas of youth participation:

  • Newsletters

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