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The Active Participation of young people in democratic life is a priority of the European "Erasmus+: Youth in Action" programme. Discover how we can help you!

Participation needs special attention. It has to be promoted within the "Erasmus+: Youth in Action" Programme in order to increase its visibility at European level.
What do we mean by participation?

NO DEMOCRACY without Participation!

Participation of young people in democratic life is a recurrent topic on which many texts have been written both in Europe and worldwide. Moreover, in the consultation process preceding the adoption of the White Paper, young people from Europe underlined that participation is needed to allow democracy to function properly.
More concretely, the Erasmus+:Youth in action programme is aimed at encouraging young people to take an active part in society, to increase their participation in the system of representative democracy as well as to support any initiative that encourages and teaches active participation.

Our role as a Resource Centre on Participation

Since 2007, our Resource Centre (formerly in charge of Youth Initiatives) has widened its scope of action to tackle this new priority and to help promote political and social youth participation.
The staff of SALTO-YOUTH Participation is working to gather and disseminate resources and information related to this priority through our website and publications. Our aim is to create a space for reflection and for exchanging practices and ideas that should enable young people and youth workers to develop quality participative projects.

Concretely we offer you:

  • the possibility to take part in seminars we organize in order to exchange ideas, experiences, reflections...;
  • an access to information on participation, project experiences, books, articles, etc.
  • the opportunity to follow our training courses;
  • the opportunity to order and receive our publications (reports, magazines, newsletters) to disseminate as much as possible all information and tools you need.

Please do not hesitate to forward us any information that might be of interest to:

Who is who?

The SALTO-YOUTH Participation Resource Centre has 2 staff members:

  • Raluca DIROESCU, SALTO Participation Project Officer
  • Stéphanie NOWAKOWSKI, SALTO Participation Project Officer

For more information please contact us by email via "firstname" followed by or at:

SALTO-YOUTH, Participation Resource Centre
Hosted by the Bureau International Jeunesse (BIJ),
18 rue du Commerce, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique
Tel: +32-(0)2-219.09.06 or +32 (0)2-227.52.82
Fax: +32 (0)2-548.38.89

For more information about the Bureau International Jeunesse (BIJ) and its activities, please visit its website:


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