Shaping Inclusion: Inclusion Strategies for NAs

A step-by-step guide for National Agencies (Inclusion Officers) to develop their inclusion strategy. The booklet contains ideas on how to make the most of your (limited) resources to have lots of inclusion impact (2007).

Shaping Inclusion for national agencies

The launch of the Youth in Action programme ushered in a period of change for National Agencies and their work on inclusion. New roles and new demands have created a need for a more strategic approach.

But what is "strategy"? What is involved in developing a strategy specifically on inclusion? How do you know if your NA actually needs an inclusion strategy? These and other questions are addressed in this booklet.

Shaping Inclusion de-mystifies strategy and encourages NAs to take a more strategic approach to inclusion. The booklet presents a step-by-step approach which NAs can use to develop their own national-level inclusion strategies. In this way NAs can maximise the results and impact of their inclusion work.

Shaping Inclusion aims to make strategy development more attractive and accessible. The approach and methods described here are not only relevant to the field of inclusion but can be used by anyone in almost any context.

This booklet is part of the SALTO 'Inclusion for ALL' series. Check out the complete series at

Inclusion Round Table & Staff Training (2007)

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The following downloads are available:

  • Shaping Inclusion- Inclusion strategies for NAs - 2007

    This booklet guides National Agencies of the Youth in Action programme (Inclusion Officers) to develop their national inclusion strategies step-by-step and reach their inclusion targets. Based on the SALTO Inclusion Officer Staff Training 2004.

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