Evaluation - The SALTO-YOUTH Way

Below is some information on how SALTO-YOUTH conducts evaluation of events, and some useful documents and tools to aid you in the different stages of the evaluation process.

SALTO-YOUTH has developed a system where the evaluation of specific activities is implemented at one point in time – after the activity itself – using an evaluation questionnaire. In this questionnaire, participants are asked about their perceptions on given topics before the activity (retrospectively) and after the activity. A follow up questionnaire is completed by participants three to six months after the activity to measure any longer term impact that may have occurred.

SALTO believes that this method – called ‘Post-then-Pre’ method – is the most suitable way to measure participants perceived changes from attendance at Youth in Action activities and limits the amount of time needed for evaluation and the potential impact that this may have on the activity itself. The Post-then-Pre with follow up method also makes it possible to compare quantitative indicators to see if there is an immediate impact as a result of the activity itself, and any lasting or long-term impact. 

In accordance with this, SALTO has created an Excel spreadsheet template to support evaluators in creating questionnaires for specific activities using the Post-then-Pre approach, and process the statistical results from these. This template to which evaluators can input the data collated through questionnaires automatically creates graphs which statistically and visually show the results. The template can easily be amended to reflect the objectives, intended outcomes and reporting requirements of specific activities.

Instructions on how to use the template are included on the first tab. Please note that this is a new tool and as such, we would really appreciate your feedback on using it.

Have a go at evaluating your own activity and let us know what you think!


The following downloads are available:

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