Europe in Transition – Diversity, Identity and Youth Work

Europe in Transition consists of a series of think-pieces on diversity and inclusion  in contemporary Europe and seeks to encourage and inform dialogue among youth practitioners and youth organisations.

This publication covers many of the concerns of youth workers and young people and society in general at the moment in contemporary Europe but it is not intended as a comprehensive compendium but rather a selection of different articles from different perspectives.

The publication is intended to also:

  • inform and provide insight on issues and approaches in relation to cultural diversity;
  • engage and encourage readers in critical reflection;
  • challenge readers in their assumptions and inspire action;
  • contribute to policy by stimulating discussion and recommendations;
  • promote diversity and inclusion in countries across Europe.

Two types of contributions are included: think-pieces and practice examples.

  • Think-pieces present an in-depth analysis of or a reflection on a situation, theory or policy.
  • Practice examples are brief descriptions of services or initiatives designed with and for young people.

It is meant for educators, policy influencers and decision-makers, researchers, social activists, youth and community workers.


The following downloads are available:

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