Why do we evaluate? Who is it for and how do we do it? This section provides answers to some of these questions and also information, resources and tools to support you in the evaluation process.

Evaluation is an important and indispensable element of each activity implemented under the Erasmus+/Youth in Action Programme. Evaluation is the systematic and objective assessment of an ongoing or completed project or activity, including its implentation and most importantly outcomes or positive changes.

The main focus of evaluation is to ascertain whether the overall outcomes or positive changes resulting from any given activity, programme or policy have been achieved and to learn from this information in order to develop and improve activities in the future.

This section of the website explores the topic of evaluation a little further, asking some important questions like ‘what do we evaluate?’ and ‘why?’ and providing additional information, resources and tools to support you in the evaluation process.

  • The 4 W's of Evaluation

    Why do we evaluate and what do we want to know? When do we do it, and who takes part?


    Below is a brief introduction to evaluation in the context of youth work and the Youth in Action Programme.

  • Evaluation - The SALTO-YOUTH Way

    Below is some information on how SALTO-YOUTH conducts evaluation of events, and some useful documents and tools to aid you in the different stages of the evaluation process.

  • Additional Evaluation Resources

    Find additional methods and approaches to evaluation, as well as ideas and inspiration to help you in your international youth work.

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