Fit for Life - Inclusion through Sports

Explore ways in which sports can be used as an educational method in the work with young people with fewer opportunities. With many practical tips and examples. (2006 Reprint)

Why Sport?

Sport is a lot more than just physical activity. While sport can help young people develop healthy lifestyles it can also teach valuable life skills and help with an individual's personal development process.

This is especially true for young people with fewer opportunities. Sport methods and outdoor activities can help youngsters in this target group to develop a wide range of social skills. In this way sport helps these young people become much more than fit - it can help make them truly "Fit for Life".

Fit for Life

The Fit for Life booklet is based on the outcomes of the SALTO "Inclusion through Sport" training courses (2004). This practical booklet aims to inform youth workers, youth leaders and European institutions of the value of sport as an educational tool for the fewer opportunity target group.

The theory behind using sport as a method is made concrete through real-life examples. An extensive list of methods is also provided to help youth organisations take the first steps towards implementing sport as a learning method on local as well as on European level.

This booklet is part of the SALTO 'Inclusion for ALL' series. Check out the complete series at

TC Inclusion through Sports 2003

Fit for Life is based on the SALTO Inclusion through Sports training courses organised in Belgium in 2003, in the European Year of Education Through Sport.


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