HOP for National Agencies

Few details for National Agencies and SALTOs to think when organising their first HOP online learning course.

HOP is a platform where National Agencies of Erasmus+ Youth and European Solidarity Corps as well as SALTO Resource Centres can publish their online learning courses and content. Institutions managing the programmes will find the HOP platform as a universal and well supported tool to implement and promote their online learning. HOP offers support and consultation for the officers at different moments, to make the best of their investment. Last but not least, HOP is the domestic tool, ensuring prominent recognition and visibility of the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps.

How does it work?

  • Arrangements for online learning course are not very different from any other TCA/NET activity.
  • Interested National Agency or SALTO needs to know, what is the general aim / idea for the course and potentially find partners to co-finance it (well TCA/NET planning board as well as TCA/NET annual meetings are good spaces for such partner-finding).
  • Having the idea and resources, similarly to residential courses, a NA/SALTO needs to identify external experts to prepare the course (well, we are open also for brave officers who like to author the learning content themselves). SALTO offers TOY - Trainers Online for Youth. HOP cooperate with a group of online learning authors and facilitators and if needed can suggest a contact list, but we are open to work with any experts NA/SALTO find suitable.
  • Differently to many residential courses, the online learning activity will also require a graphic designer to produce visuals (ranging from several humble illustrations and finishing with advanced instructional videos).
  • Beside authors of learning content and a graphic designer, a NA/SALTO can decide to involve external experts of the HOP council, experienced with HOP platform, to support the team in implementation of the course.
  • Having the concept, please fill in the form providing the course's details and inform HOP admin at when this is ready.
  • We will open the blank course within 1-2 days or come back to you to clarify questions.
  • In principle, hosting the course at HOP platform is for free, as another service from SALTO network to the community!
  • And then the production starts...

Support service packages from HOP council experts


HOP offers mentoring for teams implementing courses at the platform, especially if they have little experience with HOP itself. This support can be especially valuable for teams that urgently needs to create a course at HOP. The minimum mentoring should cover at least 12 hours (fee for expert needs to be agreed directly).

HOP brings online course about designing online learning "Plan, create and publish" as a self-paced exercise, plus at least 8 hours of mentoring (depending on the needs of a team, if it is only about HOP platform, 8 hours might be enough, if it is also about quality in online learning, then suggestion is to have more mentoring hours). The "Plan, create and publish" is for free and fee for mentoring needs to be agreed directly with expert.

HOP organises advanced trainings on quality online learning in the youth field for beginners (new to online learning or new to HOP platform), as a blended course. It is made of webinar sessions as preparation, 3 day residential course as well as full online, facilitated course about designing online learning "Plan, create and publish". The crash course also includes 8 hours free mentoring process for teams implementing courses at HOP.
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