Going International - Opportunities for All!

Practical tips and guidelines for inclusion youth workers who are tempted to take young people with fewer opportunities (socio-economic disadvantage) abroad for the first time. (2009 Update)

Going international for the first time?

Are you a youth worker? Working with young people with fewer opportunities, socially excluded for whatever reason? Are you planning to run an international youth activity but feel your experience is not that wide?

Then the "Going International - Opportunities for all!" booklet is for you!

Why this booklet?

At various meetings with Inclusion workers (youth workers working with young people with special needs) and National Agencies, SALTO-Inclusion perceived the need to have a practical publication with concrete ready-to-use methods for youth workers who are on an international project with young people with fewer opportunities: practical hints, tools and methods that can contribute to the quality of the inclusion project.

The aim of the "Going International" booklet is to document good practices & concrete working methods in international inclusion projects. It is a practical booklet with useful methods for youth workers taking young people with fewer opportunities on international projects. This way, we hope that inclusion youth workers, with little international experience will have it easier to start or carry out successful international youth activities with their target group.

This booklet is part of the SALTO 'Inclusion for ALL' series. Check out the complete series at www.salto-youth.net/InclusionForALL/.

Going practical

The "Going International" booklet aims to be to the point (well indexed, short but clear), easy to read (pleasant layout and visual appearance, easy to find parts), easy to carry (not too many pages, smallish size), easy to reproduce (electronic pdf format for print-out, photocopy version)

The "Going International" booklet offers to youth workers easy access to methods which deal with concrete situations that the youth worker might face when organising an international youth activity with young people with special needs. "Going International" contains tips, practical guidelines, concrete methods for including young people with fewer opportunities in an international project, such as in the preparation, travel, the intercultural dimension, meeting other people, etc…

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