Other Publications

Here you can find a (non-exhaustive) list of links taking you to some established publications developed by other institutions/organisations in the youth field and beyond:

  • Focus on Youth Employment (pdf download)

  • The projects discussed in this brochure demonstrate how Youth in Action empowers young people, giving them the chance to transform themselves to take on a role in the job market, with its evolving demands for adaptability and resourcefulness.

  • Youth Work: Enhancing Employability (pdf download)
    This booklet is based on the results of an international seminar entitled “Youth Work: Enhancing Youth Employability?”, which took place in April 2011 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The aim of the seminar was to review the role of youth work and competences acquisition to enhance the employability of young people, with an emphasis on non-formal learning in learning mobility programmes.

  • Get Involved: EVS Short Term (pdf download)
    Designed for youth workers and youth leaders, "Get Involved" provides a general outline of the EVS Short Term programme. It includes an introduction to the aims, the target group and to the roles of each partner in a Short Term project. In addition, the document describes how youth workers can approach EVS Short Term and how an international-level project can positively affect their work with young people on local level.

  • Toolkit Social Inclusion (pdf download)
    How do youth workers and youth organisations go about being inclusive? This Toolkit aims to provide both conceptual and practical tools and resources from which to begin to explore and approach this question.

  • Inclusion Inspirational Booklet (pdf download)
    The purpose of this ‘inspirational booklet’ is to inform about inclusion projects within the context of the ‘Youth’ programme and to motivate readers by illustrating different project examples and approaches, which have had a strong impact on young people.

  • Inclusion Policy Employment plus Annexes (pdf download)
    Thematic Study on Policy Measures concerning Disadvantaged Youth.

  • Including ALL!An inspirational booklet

    Including ALL!
    An inspirational booklet

  • Focus on Youth Employment (COM)

    Focus on Youth Employment (COM)

  • Discover the benefits of EVS

    Discover the benefits of EVS

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