Call for Trainers - Help

Follow the instructions below to send your Call for Trainers to all online trainers in the TOY database (Trainers Online for Youth).

  • The Call for Trainers system is to recruit TRAINERS to work for you on a training activity (e.g. facilitate, run sussions, do inputs, coach processes) or write educational publications.
  • To recruit PARTICIPANTS to participate in your activity, please use the Training Calendar, (also if you are looking for participants with a trainer background).

1. Create a Call for Trainers (experts, authors)

  1. Go to your Call for Trainers dashboard.
  2. Either 'add a new call' (from scratch) or copy a past call and modify it.
  3. Fill all fields, add downloads (if any) and save. All fields are obligatory.
    Tip: To save an unfinished call, just put one character in each field and you can save.

2. Submit your Call to the administrator

  1. Click the Submit this call button in your Call for Trainers dashboard.
  2. The administrator does a quick quality check, to see whether your call is complete and fits our trainer field.
  3. If needed, the admin will ask you modifications: add the requested changes and Submit your call again.

3. Your Call is sent to all trainers online in TOY

  • When the call is approved it will be sent to all the trainers in the TOY database.
  • SALTO cannot be held responsible for the quality of the trainers. Make sure you contact their references to see if the trainer fits your requirements before hiring.
  • You are free to negotiate the working conditions and fees with the trainers. SALTO does not intervene in the contracting and cooperation between training organiser and trainer.

What information should you mention in your call?

Clear information reduces misunderstandings. Therefore make sure that your call for trainers is as complete as possible:

  • Title: Give an unambiguous unique title to your project. You could include the type of activity (seminar, publication, conference,...), a working name, date and venue.
  • Organised by: Who is the lead organiser? Who else is involved in the partnership?
  • Description: Describe the training course or publication for which you are hiring in detail or link to an online course description.
    - What? (type of activity)
    - Why? (frame, aims & objectives, relevant background information)
    - When? (dates, deadlines, prep-meetings)
    - Where? (venue, type of accommodation, rooms, facilities)
    - Who? (target group)
  • Number of trainers: Specify how many trainers you need in which role e.g. 2 facilitators, 1 rapporteur general, 1 junior trainer,...
  • Requested profile: the clearer you are, the better the trainers will self-select themselves.
    - Specific competences needed (trainer skills, knowledge, language skills,...)
    - Required experience or background (how many years, which sector, previous courses or diplomas,...)
    - Practical selection criteria (male-female balance in team, geographical diversity,...)
  • Working conditions: what will the job entail?
    - Time investment (prep-meetings, travel, follow-up, communication, free time,...)
    - Expectations (result commitments, reporting, documentation,...)
    - Financial conditions (trainer fee, info about vat & taxes, travel conditions, food and lodging,...)
    - Material conditions (who provides and pays for technical equipment, non-usual training material,...)
  • Team composition: who will the trainer be working with? In what role? e.g. team of 3 equal trainers, coordinator trainer, technical support person, a local link (e.g. who organises project visits), rapporteur responsible for note taking, social media crew documenting the event,...
  • Application & selection procedure: Specify how the trainer should apply for the job, by which date.
    - Application system (online, application form, call for proposal, individual or in team, send cv, previous publications,...)
    - Selection (who will select, according to which criteria, inform the trainer by which date?)
  • Downloads: you can add one or more documents e.g. an application form, a course description,...
  • For more information: it is important that someone is available during the application period to give more information or reply to questions of trainers. This does not have to be the person creating the call.

Questions & suggestions

For any other questions and suggestions, contact the TOY administrator via .

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