ID Temperature Check Tool For Organisations

Inclusion and Diversity Temperature Check tool to assess the inclusion and diversity efforts of your organisation.

The Temperature Check is a questionnaire that will help your organisation get a feeling for its progress in implementing inclusion and diversity in 5 key areas:

  1. Inclusion and diversity knowledge: evaluate your ability to equip your team with the necessary knowledge about inclusion and diversity topics.
  2. ID Strategy: evaluate your strategic approach to inclusion and diversity.
  3. Taking a position: evaluate your contribution to promoting rights of groups of people with fewer opportunities.
  4. Organisational development: evaluate the commitment to making your organisation inclusive and diverse.
  5. Communication: evaluate the accessibility and inclusiveness of your communication materials and channels.
  6. Inclusive methods and logistics: evaluate how inclusion and diversity are applied in the organisation and implementation of your programmes and events.
    Here you can download the PDF questionnaire
    Here you can access the online questionnaire with automatic tips and suggestion.

    After completing the online questionnaire, you will receive an automatic report via email with the results and a library of resources and best practices so your organisation can keep improving its inclusion and diversity efforts in these key areas.

    There is also a Temperature Check Tool for the E+ & ESC National Agencies. You can check it here!
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