Youthpass for ALL! Recognising skills

Find lots of advice, tips and methods from and for youth workers who want to use Youthpass with and for young people with fewer opportunities. (2013 update)

Youthpass for ALL!

Youthpass offers young people, youth workers and youth leaders an exciting new way to recognise, understand, document and demonstrate the learning that takes place within Youth in Action activities.

Early experience with this tool has shown that while Youthpass offers tremendous potential, it is not always easy to implement. Some young people, and particularly those from fewer-opportunity backgrounds, may not have the experience, maturity or cognitive skills needed to recognise or understand their own learning processes. These young people need extra support in the Youthpass process...

  • But how, specifically, can this be done? "YouthPass for All" provides some initial answers.

This booklet is ia companion to The Youthpass Guide and is aimed specifically at youth workers and/or youth leaders who use European youth activities as part of their work with fewer-opportunity young people.

  • "YouthPass for All" presents advice, tips and methods from youth workers who have used Youthpass "in the field". The booklet then goes on to examine how the process of looking at learning outcomes can be expanded beyond Youthpass into a more comprehensive competence-based approach to youth work.

This booklet is part of the SALTO 'Inclusion for ALL' series. Check out the complete series at

'Let's Youthpass it on' course 2009

This publication 'Youthpass for ALL!' is based on the 'Let's Youthpass it on' seminar which took place in France in 2009.

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