National Agencies

The E+ NA staff is supported to acquire the skills necessary to sustain quality youth work through capacity building and offer TCAs.

The Knowledge Management and Staff Training (KMST) of the National Agencies network is the main instrument to support staff at Erasmus+ National Agencies (NAs) in the implementation of the programme. Through competence building, the staff becomes familiar with understanding and developing quality youth work, taking a coherent European approach.

To implement E+ at the national level, the NAs moreover have an instrument called Transnational Cooperation Activities (TCA). TCAs are set up annually by the NAs in negotiation with their national ministries and the European Commission. Concrete results (training courses, seminars, events) are visible at SALTO's European Training Calendar; you can filter the database to find the TCA activity offers from NAs, often in cooperation with one or more SALTO Resource Centres.

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