National Agencies

The E+ NA staff is supported to acquire the skills necessary to sustain quality youth work through capacity building and offer TCAs.

The Knowledge Management and Staff Training (KMST) of the National Agencies network is the main instrument to support staff at Erasmus+ National Agencies (NAs) in the implementation of the programme. Through competence building, the staff becomes familiar with understanding and developing quality youth work, taking a coherent European approach.

To implement E+ at the national level, the NAs moreover have an instrument called Transnational Cooperation Activities (TCA). TCAs are set up annually by the NAs in negotiation with their national ministries and the European Commission. Concrete results (training courses, seminars, events) are visible at SALTO's European Training Calendar; you can filter the database to find the TCA activity offers from NAs, often in cooperation with one or more SALTO Resource Centres.

  • E+:YiA NA’s Knowledge Management and Staff Training (KMST)

    The aim of the KMST strategy is to develop capacity of Erasmus+ National Agencies in the youth field, and through this to use strategically the E+:YiA programme in reaching the European and national youth policy objectives. 

    Please find here further information and an overview of KMST staff events.

  • TCA Planning Board

    Planning Board for the Training and Cooperation Activities of Erasmus+ Youth National Agencies and SALTO Resource Centres.


    Below you will find information and documents supporting YiA TCA officers in the development and implementation of the Transnational Cooperation Activity strategy in general as well as for single activities in particular


    Below you can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions of NA staff about use of TCA. The FAQ was developed by the YiA TCA WG and will be further developed over time. Please be aware that most of the FAQs below are answered either in the Guide for National Agencies or in the YiA TCA ALMANAC developed by the TCA WG.

  • TCA/NET Meetings for E+: YiA & ESC

    The main aim of the annual TCA/NET Meetings is to support NAs in the development of TCA and NET. The meeting aims at developing understanding of the TCA & NET world and its wider context and the understanding and application of the purpose of TCA and NET. And the meeting supports NAs and SALTO RCs in the development of the annual workplans, in partnerships between NAs and with the SALTOs.

  • TCA WG supports the network of NAs in the development of their TCA strategies

    A Working Group on quality and management development of the Transnational Cooperation Activities (TCA WG, formerly TCP WG) was set up within the network of EU youth programme National Agencies at the TCP Seminar 2008.

  • YiA TCA officers

    Find below a list of YiA TCA officers. The SALTO T&C RC tries to keep the list up to date but please be aware that it could be outdated. Whenever you recognise outdated information please contact

  • NA logos - low resolution!

    This page offers you the logos of NAs in a low resolution, good for e.g. NA agreements or PDF reports of TCA activities, etc

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