Resources: Find Inclusion Information for your Project

Dive into our pool of resources to get inspired and equip yourself with concrete tools to get your Inclusion project going.

SALTO and others offer several resources ranging from Erasmus+ funding to examples of good practice. Find all the information you need to plan and execute a successful inclusion project, right here:

  • Apply for Funding

    Make your Inclusion project happen with Erasmus+ funding - you can apply for financial support under the programme’s main Key Actions.

    Apply for Funding
  • Get Inspired with ID projects

    Numerous projects across Europe have already benefited young people who need a little push to overcome obstacles such as disability, discrimination or social exclusion. Get some inspiration to develop international projects for ALL.

    Get Inspired with ID projects
  • Find Trainers

    Over the years, our Resource Centre has worked with many different trainers and Inclusion experts. Drawing from our experiences, we can help you find the right trainer for your project.

    Find Trainers
  • Methods & Exercises

    A variety of methods and exercises target working with young people with fewer opportunities. SALTO Inclusion collects and develops them in an online Toolbox to make Inclusion work easier.

    Methods & Exercises
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