SALTO Network Publications

SALTO Network provides a number of publications and leaflets which you can order from the relevant SALTO Resource Centers - most of them also exist in electronic version to download directly from the SALTO site. Let yourself be inspired!

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  • SALTO Network Reports

    This part of our library is dedicated to the common SALTO publications dealing with our daily work: activity report, anniversary publications...

    SALTO Network Reports
  • SALTO EECA Publications

    Browse the booklets, educational reports, countries' manual, video materials and other content published by the SALTO Eastern Europe & Caucasus.

    SALTO EECA Publications
  • SALTO EuroMed Publications

    The SALTO-YOUTH EuroMed library has publications, newsletters, magazines and educational tools for training in the EuroMed context.

    SALTO EuroMed Publications
  • SALTO Inclusion Publications

    Get inspired by the SALTO Inclusion manuals to provide international opportunities for socially excluded young people in your organisation.

    SALTO Inclusion Publications
  • SALTO Participation Publications

    Inspiring SALTO Participation publications related to Youth Participation, Youth Initiatives and Youth Democracy projects.

    SALTO Participation Publications
  • SALTO SEE Publications

    Have a look at good practice, how to participate in the programme and regular news about youth co-operation with South-East Europe.

    SALTO SEE Publications
  • Youthpass Publications

    All you need to know about Youthpass and recognition of non-formal learning in some handy handbooks and thought-provoking essays.

    Youthpass Publications
  • SALTO Training and Cooperation publications and tools

    Have a look to the educational reports, material, tools, video and ther material published by SALTO Training and Cooperation Resource Centre and other relevant sources.

    SALTO Training and Cooperation publications and tools
  • Publications European Solidarity Corps Resource Centre

    Get inspired by publications around the concept of solidarity, the European solidarity Corps programme

    Publications European Solidarity Corps Resource Centre