Growing Inclusion and Participation

An inspirational guide to setting up inclusive & participative 'Strategic Partnerships' in the youth field.

Yes you can!

Are you working with young people with fewer opportunities (excluded or disadvantaged) and want to give them an opportunity to truly participate in society? Then this publication is for you!

In this inspirational guide, we will take you on a practical journey towards change and social justice. We will show you how to set up true participative projects for and with young people who usually fall out of the boat. The course of a person’s life often depends on a few crucial experiences. And you can generate such trigger moments.

Best of all is that the European Commission funds strategic longer-term initiatives. For years, inclusion and participation have been a priority within the Youth in Action Programme. This publication gives you the ins and outs of securing funding through Strategic Partnerships (Key Action 2) of the Erasmus+ Programme, with a focus on youth.

Practical tips and ideas for your inclusion & participation projects

Besides the funding information, we also give you tips and tricks to make your inclusion & participation projects as effective as possible. This publication coaches you through the different steps to make sure your project fits the needs of the young people you are working with and the community surrounding them.

But where do you start? We help you to think outside the box by giving some examples of projects that we know of. Each of them shows how you can use the resources within the Strategic Partnerships (Key Action 2) to improve inclusion and participation. But it is, of course, up to you to adapt them to your goals. And don’t forget that Erasmus+ is only one funding format amongst many others. ‘Strategic Partnerships’ are there to support your projects and not to limit them.

Where this publication comes from

The core of the ideas in this guide stem from the Greenhouse Seminar developed in cooperation of the Belgian, German and Hungarian National Agencies and the SALTO-YOUTH Resource Centres Inclusion and Participation. It took place in May 2014 in Berlin.

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  • Growing Inclusion and Participation

    Growing Inclusion and Participation


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