Youth Workers

Learn about the ways in which the SALTO T&C RC supports the development of quality youth work through capacity building among youth workers.

One goal of the European Training Strategy is the support of competence development of youth workers to work international and to support young people in learning mobility projects. In the course of this process, a competence model for youth workers, training offers and platforms to exchange knowledge will be offered.

  • ETS Competence Model for Youth Workers to Work Internationally

    To succesfully network and cooperate on an international level and to support young people in learning mobility projects, certain competences are required from youth workers. One objective of the European Training Strategy in the Field of Youth is therefore to develop a competence model for youth workers to support these tasks. Such a model can serve as a framework for orientation and guidance for the different actors.

  • Appetiser - International Youth Work in the Context of Erasmus+: Youth in Action

    The Appetiser training course brings together practitioners who work locally with young people all over Europe. It gives them a first and strongly positive experience of international youth work and introduces them to the possibilities of working in an international setting making use of Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme

  • BTM - Increase the Mobility of Young People through Youth Exchanges within Erasmus+: Youth in Action

    BiTriMulti (BTM) is a training course based on a simulation exercise, inputs and group work. It aims at developing the competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) that youth workers and youth leaders need to design and deliver an inclusive, quality youth exchange process within Erasmus+: Youth in Action.

  • SOHO - European Training Course for EVS Support People

    The SOHO international training course aims at enhancing the quality of European Voluntary Service (EVS) projects. It supports the development of essential competences among support persons from hosting, sending and coordinating organisations. SOHO also provides up-to-date information for its participants regarding the opportunities within the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme.

  • TicTac - Support Quality in Youth Worker Mobility Activities within Erasmus+: Youth in Action

    TicTac is a multilateral training course targeted at voluntary and professional youth workers as well as youth leaders who ar interested in using international cooperation to enhance their local development strategies in line with the goals of their organizations. Participants are supported in designing qualitative international youth worker mobility activities under the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme.

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