Solidarity Concepts

What about solidarity? Discover ideas and concepts

Solidarity is one of the universal values on which the European Union is built.

Through solidarity, we can make a meaningful contribution to society. It can be understood as a sense of responsibility of everyone towards everyone, a commitment to the common good which is expressed through concrete actions without expecting anything in return.

Through solidarity society is equipped to face societal challenges while addressing the needs of local communities. The notion of solidarity is linked with the concept of generosity, but also to reciprocity and responsibility.

Solidarity for what, how and for whom? What are the limits of solidarity?

Discover recent publications on solidarity and share your own definition of solidarity with us. We have an ongoing survey to know what means solidarity for you?


The Resource Centre is currently coordinating the development of two research about solidarity. Soon the results will be published.


This list will be extended regularly. If you have suggestions of relevant publications, please share them with us, so we can add them here.

  • Solidarity in Europe. European solidarity is in high demand but short supply. By using survey evidence on attitudes towards European solidarity, conducted by YouGov in 11 member states (April 2018), the paper explores viable strategies for leveraging European solidarity.
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