SALTO Network statistics from second generation of ERASMUS+ programme (2021-2023) including EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY CORPS

Please note that the data since 2023 presents achievements of a bigger SALTO network made of 11 Resource Centres that cover all the fields of education in both European youth programmes, while previously it covered only 7 Resource Centres active in youth field.

Data is based on available info and SALTO cannot be held responsible for any miscalculations.


  • SMALL: articles, leaflets, etc. of between 0-4 standardised pages; photo stories between 0-10 pictures; short videos up to 60 sec.

  • MEDIUM: longer articles, booklets, short self-paced online courses etc. of between 4-20 standardised pages; photo stories between 10-50 pictures; videos up to 300 sec.

  • BIG: manuals, books, self-paced online courses etc. over 20 standardised pages; photo stories over 50 pictures; videos over 300 sec.


  • SMALL: workshops, info sessions etc. of less than 1 day;

  • MEDIUM: meetings, small seminars, online courses of 1-3 days;

  • BIG: trainings, seminars, online courses longer than 4 days;


  • REGULAR: only participants of the events counted as "activities" and non-massive ones;

  • MASSIVE: participants of events over 150 participants.

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