E.M.power - young ethnic minority women

Find out how to empower young ethnic minority women - in an international youth project. With information on specific methods and theories on empowering these girls - and how to overcome challenges.

E.M.power young women from ethnic minorities

"There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment ofwomen." - Kofi Annan

The empowerment of women, and more specifically the empowerment of young ethnic minority women, takes us one step further in SALTO's advocacy role for young people with fewer opportunities.

Examples of good (Youth in Action) practice demonstrate that young ethnic minority women benefit extremely well from the educational frame offered by the Youth in Action programme with many projects linking empowerment as a process with emancipation as their final aim. Yet young ethnic minority women remain a group which is often invisible or underrepresented in international training courses, seminars and events.

Empowered people have freedom of choice and action. This in turn enables them to better influence the course of their lives and the decisions which affect them.

In order to give the opportunity to ethnic minority young women to empower themselves, as a group and as an individual, this specific target group needs specific support and methods. The Youth in Action programme is an excellent tool in order to reach this aim.

This booklet is part of the SALTO 'Inclusion for ALL' series. Check out the complete series at www.salto-youth.net/InclusionForALL/.

TC Empowerment of young ethnic minority women 2008

"E.M.power"' is based on the SALTO 'EMpower' training course which took place in Birmingham, UK, in May 2008 and which were organised in cooperation with the SALTO Cultural Diversity resource centre and the UK and Danish YiA national agencies.

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The following downloads are available:

  • E.M.power - Ethnic Minority women - 2008

    Inspirational booklet on how to empower young ethnic minority women. With info for youth workers on concepts, challenges, approaches and international projects. You can do it! Based on the SALTO TC EMpower 2008.

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