Use Your Hands to Move Ahead

Discover alternative educational pathways through EVS for young people with fewer opportunities. Set up more relevant task-sets outside the 'traditional' socio-cultural sector... (2009 Update)

Use your Hands...

Setting up Short Term EVS projects with young people with special needs is not all that easy and demands a clear commitment of all actors involved, especially from the young volunteer. Therefore SALTO Inclusion decided to focus on the support for this action and develop an educational publication which helps organisations to provide an EVS project that the young person really wants!

... and Move Ahead

"Use Your Hands To Move Ahead" booklet promotes and stimulates an innovative educational approach to use ST-EVS as a personal pathway for the youngster with fewer opportunities.

"Use Your Hands To Move Ahead" describes the educational pathway of ST-EVS projects for young people with less opportunity with a focus on a specific task-set. The task-set is linked with work in the construction sector, gardening, restaurant, boat building, carpentry, sports, etc. This means that the educational value (learning skills and competences) for the youngster is to be found in the other elements of the project in its whole and not the specific task-set itself: the intercultural learning aspect, learning social skills, work attitude...

"Use Your Hands To Move Ahead" diversifies the possibilities within Short Term-EVS and brings the concept of this action closer to the specific needs of the youngster itself.

This booklet is part of the SALTO 'Inclusion for ALL' series. Check out the complete series at

Round Table on Short-Term EVS 2005

"Use Your Hands To Move Ahead" is based on several examples of good practice that were presented at a round table meeting bringing together inclusion practitioners and experts. They discussed and reflected on the important steps and elements of these projects,

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