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SALTO Inclusion organizes training courses for different target groups to promote the Inclusion of ALL young people in the Youth in Action programme. A great opportunity to learn and network!

SALTO Inclusion Training in 2013

Have a look at the list of the training activities for youth workers in 2013, co-organised and supported by the SALTO Inclusion Resource Centre!

But there is more:

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Future Inclusion courses? Your suggestions are Welcome !

The SALTO Inclusion Resource Centre wants to address an as wide as possible variety of course topics related to Inclusion. Previous SALTO TC Inclusion courses focussed on different actions of the YOUTH (in Action) Programme (European Voluntary Service & Group Initiatives) and on a specific target group (young people with a disability, LGBT Youth, Ex-offenders, Rural youth, Urban Youth...). From 2009, SALTO Inclusion set out to address the issue of Youth Unemployment & Social Inclusion in a longer term perspective.

SALTO Inclusion is always on the outlook for course topics for future courses - maybe another target group or a specific way of working with marginalized target groups...

  • Post your suggestions for SALTO Inclusion courses at the bottom of this page ! Your opinion is important to us.

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Browse and download all the methods used at these training courses from the SALTO Toolbox for Training & Youth Work - as well as the Inclusion for All booklets based on these courses.

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Tony Geudens, 11.09.06 16:27

Target Group Approach

SALTO Inclusion started off with a target group approach, and there are probably still quite some inclusion target groups that we haven't reached yet: such as homeless/street children, Roma-gypsy-travellers, rural-isolated youth, (sub)urban youth, ... other suggestions?

Lydia Gabčova, 05.09.07 18:28

targeting Roma

Having in mind all international conventions, EC directives and national actions plans, I am really missing targeting Roma minority. It is the biggest EU minority, facing diverse problems in each country. In the same time, in many countries are running young Roma NGOs who are also interested to get know better other young people from learn about their problems, experiences, make friendships..

Toni Tashev, 04.03.08 00:11

Targeting Roma inclusion

I do think that Roma people and their issues are not targeted yet, indeed, although it is the biggest EU minority with about 10 million people and many many young Roma organisations open for friendships and common actions.

George Owusu Yaw, 17.08.10 12:44

inclusion of more African countries

i think with diversity as a watch word more Africans countries should be included in most of the training programs since these are the most deprived areas on the continent.

Mathew Corbett, 10.05.11 11:06

Young Offenders

How about working with young (ex-) offenders?

Tony Geudens, 11.05.11 11:29

No-Offence - working with young offenders

@Mathew Did you already see the SALTO Inclusion publication No Offence - which is based on our Training Course about working with young offenders.

This educational publication compiled the ideas of this course: like a 'paper course' - I hope this helps - for the time being.

Kay Mc Cabe, 23.04.13 20:08

Working with young Travellers

More courses need to be geared towards working with young Travellers

Bob Maahe, 24.04.13 09:56

working with young travellers

How can l get involved in this program of working with young travelers. we are at www,

Tony Geudens, 24.04.13 10:00

Hi Bob & Kay, the SALTO Cultural Diversity resource centre is working onRoma issues, so you can check their work programme or register for their Diversity Newsletter ( Also different National Agencies have Roma as a priority. Tony

Emily Reynolds, 24.04.13 13:45

RE: Working with young Travellers

Hi Bob and Kay, thanks for your posts. SALTO Cultural Diversity organises training courses for youth workers working with young Roma people (please note that ‘Roma’ is an umbrella term which includes members from the Traveller community). We also raise awareness of Youth in Action opportunities to young Roma people, and encourage them to apply for funding for projects. For more information, please e-mail: Emily

Mohammed Elayyan, 06.12.14 10:06

Mohaammed, 6.12.2104

The topics and the agenda of the training courses are very valuable, but when it comes to someone who actually have the desire to learns something new in innovative methods, and he rejected many times just because he living in the third world or he lives in Palestine in a specific way. I just want to ask if there is any possibility to merge Palestine in these training?? please advise

Kriselle Lou Cagatin, 26.03.15 23:08

How about young parents?

Do you have any training courses that specifically targets or includes young parents?

Tony Geudens, 27.03.15 11:23

Training courses young parents

Hello Kriselle,

We don't have specific courses for young parents, but we have had participants in our SALTO Inclusion courses who where young parents themselves and came with baby/child (and in some cases a baby-sitter).

So do apply for courses, and ask the organisers what is possible if you would be interested to participate with your child.

Good luck!

Tony - SALTO Inclusion

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