Village International - international rural youth projects

Learn how to set up international projects in rural and geographically disadvantaged areas. With information on where to find partners, money, ideas - and how to overcome challenges. (2010 Update)

Village International

Half of the European Union's population lives in rural and geographically isolated areas... and still rural young people don't find their way to European youth projects.

  • 'Village International' is a booklet for rural youth workers and youth leaders, about how to set up international youth projects, for and with rural youngsters, in geographically remote and disadvantaged areas.
  • 'Village International' shows you that it's worth to embark on an international adventure, and enjoy the benefits of international projects: for the young people, for your organisation, for the community and for yourself.
  • 'Village International' gives you an overview of where and how to start organising your international rural youth project. You will find information on finding partners, on project funding and tips and tricks from experienced rural youth workers on how to address specific challenges when setting up your international activity.

We hope this booklet will give you inspiration to bring an international dimension to your rural youth work and to make your Village a bit more International.

This booklet is part of the SALTO 'Inclusion for ALL' series. Check out the complete series at

TC Rural Youth 2007

'Village International' is based on the SALTO 'TC Rural' youth worker training course which took place in Turkey in April 2007.

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