SALTO logos

Please find below the SALTO logos for download and the instruction how to use it

SALTO logos are available below in different formats for different needs.

Each SALTO RC has individual logo. A vertical one should be used primarily. Horizontal version is to be used exceptionally, when a material's layout does not allow to use the vertical one. In the download section on right hand, at the beginning you will find the common SALTO logo, then individual SALTO logos in PNG version, whith transparent background and finally one file with all the logos in AI format for graphic designers. As you can see in the SALTO visual identity guidelines, exceptionally we can also use the other colours for the logos. If you intend to do so, please contact an individual SALTO Resource Centre about the file.

SALTO Visual Identity Guidelines

"PNG" format

These are images, which everybody should be able to open and to copy and paste into a document. Two things to consider:

  • if you squeeze them (bigger or smaller), they might loose sharpness, try out...
  • even though the "png" files does not have background, please place them only an a contrast background, as described in our visual identity guide.

"AI" format

"AI" is a vector format for graphic designers. This format is needed in professional materials, especially if they are going to be printed.


The following downloads are available:

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