SALTO logos

Please find below the SALTO logos as downloads and some explanation text

Erasmus+ User Guide Graphic Design

SALTO logos are available below in different formats for different needs.

Each SALTO RC has two individual logos, a vertical one and a horizontal one. At the beginning you will also find the common SALTO logos (vertical and horizontal). Additionally, you will find all logos saved in both eps and jpg in two zip files (horizontals & verticals).

"jpg" format

These are images, which everybody should be able to open and to copy and paste into a document. Two things to consider:

  • If you squeeze them (bigger or smaller), they might loose sharpness, try out...
  • "jpgs" need to have a background colour. The ones available here come with white background.

"eps" format

"eps" is a file format for professionals. This format is needed if you want to adopt the logo size or background colour to the document you are going to produce. Professional designer of print companies will need this format to produce higher quality products than with jpgs. 

You will find below two "all logos" files (including the 8 individuals and the common one) in horizontal and vertical style. Professionals will know how to open and modify them. Make sure that the professionals will see the jpg as well, because it might happen that the font alters itself, depending on the setup of the computer used to open it.


The following downloads are available:

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