Marta Gawinek - Dagargulia


Trainer and youth facilitator since 2006, experienced in work with international and intercultural groups. Focus fields: civic education, project management, youth empowerment, post-conflict peacebuilding, Human Rights, non-formal education, history education. Experience of work in Caucasus, EU and Eastern Partnership countries and Central Asia. Member of Theodor Heuss Kolleg and Insha Osvita trainers' pools. Speaks fluent English, Russian, German, Georgian and Polish.

Marta Gawinek - Dagargulia has 18 references for past work as a trainer.

Marta Gawinek - Dagargulia

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Current occupation

trainer and faciilitator, youth policy and entrepreneurship

Work experience

I have worked since 2009 as a youth trainer and facilitator for Theodor Heuss Kolleg of the Robert Bosch foundation and its partner organisations, i.e. Georgia and Ukraine, has so far facilitated about 50 youth events. I have been as trainer and facilitator at the Helsinki Human Rights Foundation, Evens Foundation, German Federal Agency for Civic Education and worked for United Nations Development Programme in Poland. 2011 I was a facilitator at the European Youth Conference. 2009-2011 I worked in Georgia (People in Need) where I have facilitated trainings and educational meetings for youth workers and local community. I continues then with trainings for entrepreneurs and start-up developers. Since 2018 I design on-line education and work with individuals and communities using on-line tools, incl. webinars, learning platforms etc.

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Educational pathway

Studied German Philology, European Studies and Politology at the universities of Warsaw and Vienna (MA)
2009-2011: Training of Trainers for international and intercultural groups at Theodor Heuss Kolleg – mostly learning by doing – I was facilitating several youth events during the course
2012: Trainings for Human Rights Educators and Facilitators at Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Warsaw)
2009-2010: Humanity in Action: educational programme for Human Rights activists (Warsaw, New York)
2012: Training of Trainers for Global Education Educators at Foundation Education for Democracy (Poland)
2008-2009: ToTs for youth facilitators and youth workers on interreligious dialogue, conflict management and anti-bias (Georgia)
2017-2018 series of trainings on entrepreneurship, business modelling and entrepreneurial skills
since 2016 - training on non-violent communication

Fields of training expertise

  • (expert) Animation
  • (advanced) Bullying & Harassment
  • (intermediate) Campaigning & Awareness Raising
  • (expert) Change Management
  • (expert) Citizenship Education
  • (expert) Coaching & Mentoring
  • (expert) Communication Skills
  • (expert) Conflict Management & Mediation
  • (expert) Creativity & Art
  • (intermediate) Crisis Management
  • (expert) Diversity & Anti-Racism
  • (beginner) Drama & Theatre
  • (intermediate) Environment & Ecology
  • (expert) Entrepreneurship (Social)
  • (expert) Equal Opportunities
  • (expert) Evaluation & Assessment
  • (expert) Event Management
  • (intermediate) Financial Management
  • (expert) Fundraising
  • (expert) Gender Awareness & Mainstreaming
  • (intermediate) Global Education
  • (expert) Group Dynamics & Motivation
  • (beginner) Health & Prevention
  • (expert) Human Rights
  • (expert) Intercultural Learning
  • (expert) International Youth Work
  • (beginner) Labour Rights & Employment
  • (expert) Leadership Development
  • (advanced) Lobbying & Advocacy
  • (advanced) New Information Technologies
  • (advanced) Open Space Technology
  • (expert) Organizational Management
  • (beginner) Outdoor & Experiential Training
  • (expert) Peace Education
  • (advanced) People Management & Cooperation
  • (expert) Personal Development & Empowerment
  • (expert) Project Management
  • (beginner) Public Relations & Marketing
  • (advanced) Public Speaking
  • (intermediate) Recognition of NFLearning
  • (expert) Social Inclusion & Exclusion
  • (expert) Social Media
  • (intermediate) Storytelling & Humour
  • (advanced) Time Management
  • (expert) Training of Trainers
  • (intermediate) Valorisation of Projects (DEOR)
  • (expert) Volunteer Programmes
  • (intermediate) Youth Exchanges
  • (intermediate) Youth Information Work
  • (expert) Youth Participation & Initiatives
  • (expert) Youth Policy
  • (beginner) Youth Violence & Criminality
  • (intermediate) Youth Worker Training

Knowledge about institutions and programmes

  • (advanced) Erasmus+ (KA1) Youth Exchanges
  • (advanced) Erasmus+ (KA1) Training & Networking
  • (beginner) Erasmus+ (KA2) Transnational Youth Initiatives
  • (expert) Erasmus+ (KA2) Strategic Partnerships
  • (beginner) Erasmus+ (KA2) Capacity Building (other countries in the World)
  • (advanced) Erasmus+ (KA3) Youth Policy Meetings
  • (expert) European Solidarity Corps Volunteering
  • (advanced) Erasmus+ (lifelong learning, non-youth)
  • (beginner) European Youth Centres (CoE)
  • (advanced) European Youth Foundation (CoE)
  • (intermediate) Solidarity Fund for Youth Mobility (CoE)
  • (expert) European Institutions
  • (intermediate) Youth Partnership CoE-COM
  • (advanced) International Youth Structures
  • (expert) Private Foundations
  • (expert) United Nations

Working with specific target groups

  • (expert) Children
  • (advanced) Families
  • (expert) Intercultural Teams
  • (advanced) Marginalized & Excluded Youth
  • (expert) Minorities
  • (advanced) Religious Youth Groups
  • (expert) Women's Issues & Groups
  • (expert) Young People in/from Conflict Areas
  • (intermediate) Young People with a Physical Disability
  • (advanced) Young People with a Sensory Disability

Experience with specific geographical regions

  • (advanced) Africa
  • (advanced) Asia
  • (expert) Eastern Europe and Caucasus
  • (intermediate) Euro-Mediterranean Co-operation
  • (expert) European Cooperation
  • (intermediate) Global Cooperation
  • (intermediate) North-South Co-operation
  • (advanced) South East Europe

Language Skills

  • (fluent) English
  • (fluent) Georgian
  • (fluent) German
  • (fluent) Polish
  • (fluent) Russian
  • (beginner) Spanish
  • (intermediate) Ukrainian

Trainer references

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