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International Festival: WAR OR PEACE. Crossroads of History 1918 | 2018

The training activity took place
in Berlin, Germany
organised by Bundeszentrale für politische Bilding (Federal Agency for Civic Education)
Reference person

Magdalena Lapshin

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Aims & objectives

In „Democracy : Dictatorship”, we examined the legacy of parliamentary democracies and authoritarian ideas of the twenties. We took a close look at how these developments influence national collective memories, European discourse and public spaces to the day.
The workshop took a closer look at the diversity of political movements in different countries that sprouted in 1918 and analysed how they are related to current phenomena. The participants created a multivocal and mobile installation – an interactive map, based on source materials from the countries of participants, „revived” with multiple voices and storytelling.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Experts in history, teachers, youth workers, academic experts from Austria, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Canada, Namibia, Ukraine, Georgia, Czech Republic, Croatia and Poland. Total 20 participants from 12 countries.

Training methods used & main activities

1. Work with source materials
2. Movie watching and moderated discussions
3. Fishbowl discussions
4. Interactive installations
5. Networking exercises
6. Evaluation workshops
7. Interactive visualisations

Outcomes of the activity

Festival documentation:

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Workshop design, communication with participants, co-facilitation of the workshop with Magdalena Lapshin, co-design of the final presentation, facilitation of the workshop, final report

I worked on this training for 4 days as a full time trainer.

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