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Ukraine Lab Platform - Conference

The training activity took place
in Berlin, Germany
organised by MitOst e.V.

Aims & objectives

-develop and maintain a network of “change agents” which would strengthen the cross-sectoral cooperation and effective interaction for the sake of increase in social capital in democratic European society.
-ensure effective networking of participants through the implementation of the targeted mobility program.
-create the platform for interaction between actors from different sectors and regions to implement joint actions aimed at developing transparency, trust and active participation.
-promote joint comprehension of the current situation in Ukraine, its reflection through local and international experience.
-enhance the effectiveness of joint cross-sectoral local actions through cooperation at the country level and internationally.
-facilitate constructive dialogue and cooperation between non-profit organizations, government agencies, businesses and media.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

200 participants from EU and Eastern Partnership countries, Team: 2 facilitators-coordinators, 10 facilitators (Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Moldova)

Training methods used & main activities

Open Space, World Cafe, workshops, interactive discussions (fishbowl etc.),panel discussions, movie evenings, creative interventions in the city etc.

Outcomes of the activity

Strong network of change agents in the field of Eastern Partnership and conflict management in Ukraine, created space for exchange and gaining knowledge about condition of civil society in Ukraine and EU, 20 new partnerships developed and elaborated. Results of evaluation available, report with outcomes of working groups available

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

full time facilitator

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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