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  • Patricia Eguía Mayor (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1978
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Spain
    based in: Germany
    For me it is very important to create a safe atmosphere where participants can feel comfortable to exchange, to share, to learn from the others, from themselves, from the trainers.... main aims for me are to help participants reflect, give them energy and motivation. My training experience is mainly related to EVS training cycle, Erasmus + Programme, project management and social entrepreneurship.

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    Patricia Eguía Mayor added 1 tools to the SALTO Toolbox and worked with 4 other TOY trainers.

    Patricia Eguía Mayor has 7 references for past work:
  • Angelos Parmatzias (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1985
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: Cyprus
    based in: Cyprus
    Organisation: Citizens In Power
    My area of expertise is entrepreneurship and I am dedicated to its development in Cyprus and abroad. I strongly believe that entrepreneurship is not just about a new company and job creation. It is also about improving humankind. I also deliver various training programs based on non-formal educational methods.

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    Angelos Parmatzias worked with 11 other TOY trainers.

    Angelos Parmatzias has 13 references for past work:
  • Aiste Slajute (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1985
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Lithuania
    based in: Ireland
    Organisation: Eurobug, International Youth Work Training and Collaboration
    My work has a holistic and person-centered approach with particular emphasis on empowerment through active participation. As a trainer I use creative and engaging non-formal education methods that can challenge groups as I am always up for a challenge myself! I believe that Youth Work is about walking that extra mile towards building a more inclusive society where diversity is celebrated and every single person is valued for who they are and I feel privileged to be a part of so many journeys!

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    Aiste Slajute worked with 6 other TOY trainers.

    Aiste Slajute has 10 references for past work:
  • Karina Chupina (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1900
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Russian Federation
    based in: Germany
    Organisation: Freelance
    “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.” - Audre Lorde Training professional in organisational development, disability rights & disability awareness training, Human Rights Education, youth participation, social inclusion; Writer & journalist. I'm passionate about empowering youth from a variety of minority/disadvantaged backgrounds + developing inclusive training approaches. Looking fwd to working with you!:)

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    Karina Chupina worked with 2 other TOY trainers.

  • Jordan Herreros (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1996
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: Spain
    based in: Spain
    Organisation: WeGo
    I'm a learning facilitator who loves creating and facilitating Experiential Learning programmes for groups of people. My mission is to provide contexts where meaningful learnings can happen and meaningful connections can be created. To provide this contexts I use body expression & movement practices, challenge-based learning, game-based learning and a participatory leadership approach.

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    Jordan Herreros worked with 5 other TOY trainers.

    Jordan Herreros has 8 references for past work:
  • Katerina Martinkova (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1987
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Czech Republic
    based in: Czech Republic
    Organisation: Brno Connected
    I am supporting people in daring to build a life they want and in creating healthy relationships towards themselves and towards others. I believe anything is possible and I want to accompany people in finding the magic in their everyday lives and living it to its fullest. To achieve this, I am using methods of personal development, experiential learning, non-formal education and coaching.

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    Katerina Martinkova worked with 7 other TOY trainers.

    Katerina Martinkova has 5 references for past work:
  • Laris Guerri (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1972
    Gender: Female
    Country of origin: Italy
    based in: Italy
    Organisation: Associazione Agrado
    "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there" - Rumi- The most important thing, in life and in Trainings, is to let the other feel comfortable and OK and support in searching for his/her own path, discovering motivation. Having fun, passion and love for what you do, discover yourself, learn from the others, share with the others: this is my way!

    Activity on SALTO

    Laris Guerri added 7 tools to the SALTO Toolbox and worked with 7 other TOY trainers.

    Laris Guerri has 13 references for past work:
    • EVS4ALL (9th-15th November 2013)

    • Erasmus+ Connection (31st May - 7th June 2014)

      Awaiting validation (requested 2018-02-27)
    • CloserEVS (1st - 8th September 2013)

      Awaiting validation (requested 2018-01-20)
  • Stanislavs Babins (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1983
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: Latvia
    based in: Latvia
    Organisation: NGO "Radi Vidi Pats"
    I am not so young to know everything, but, for sure, I know that learning is non-stop life-long process which could be facilitated by different environments, methods, people and systems. I am passionate about graphic facilitation and recording, which helps me to support learning process of youth workers, mentors and youngsters on such topics as non-formal education, active participation, volunteering, sustainability, inclusion, quality in projects on local and international levels.

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    Stanislavs Babins added 1 tools to the SALTO Toolbox and worked with 3 other TOY trainers.

    Stanislavs Babins has 3 references for past work:
  • Hochstein Norbert (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1991
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: Hungary
    based in: Hungary
    Organisation: Qualitimpact Informal Group
    Offering a hand to people to learn and grow. My mission in the youth field is to bring new techniques, and create a space for people to share IDEAS, BEST PRACTICES. #entrepreneurship #personaldevelopment #communication #awareness

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    Hochstein Norbert worked with 11 other TOY trainers.

    Hochstein Norbert has 6 references for past work:
  • Laimonas Ragauskas (find out more)

    Birthyear: 1979
    Gender: Male
    Country of origin: Lithuania
    based in: Lithuania
    Organisation: Association of Non-formal Education in Lithuania; NGO "Nectarus"
    I'm training and facilitating for more than 14 years in Europe and beyond. Recently my main interests and passions are related to recognition of non-formal learning and connections with digital technology and education.

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    Laimonas Ragauskas added 16 tools to the SALTO Toolbox and worked with 20 other TOY trainers.

    Laimonas Ragauskas has 3 references for past work:
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