Eelin Hoffström


Currently residing in Eskisehir, Turkey.
Member of the Finnish YiA trainer's pool 2010-2014. Fluent in English, Swedish, Finnish, Italian and Spanish. Especially interested in inclusion of young people with fewer opportunites due to georaphical obstacles,storytelling as a method for youth work and social entrepreneurship.

Eelin Hoffström has 11 references for past work as a trainer and added 1 tools to the SALTO Toolbox.

Eelin Hoffström

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Current occupation

freelance trainer, teacher and guide

Work experience

Life Story to True Glory: Storytelling and ourdoor methodology for increasing employability, Strateg+: Quality management training for Strategic Parenterships, Happy Ever After: Happiness and Social well being methods for youthworkers project, Capacity building projects, Youth pass trainings, EVS on arrival and midterm (also in Norway), Spread the word - Baltic Sea DEOR, trainings on active citizenship, trainings on the Europe for Citizens program, CMS European Rural Youth, Anti hate speech trainings, social entrepreneurship for the Erasmus+ programme, youth employability trainings and storytelling as a method for youth work. Participant in ToT 2013-2014

Educational pathway

Master in Social and Cultural Anthropology at Tallinn University, Estonia. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree for Åbo Akademi University, majoring in folklore and minoring in italian. These subjects are relevant because cultural studies, such as folklore, helps in developing an understanding of others, while italian shows my knowledge of that culture and language.
I have also been an active user of the E+ program and have taken part in many a non-formal learning opportunity through the programme. Like TOT 13-14

Fields of training expertise

  • (advanced) Animation
  • (intermediate) Campaigning & Awareness Raising
  • (intermediate) Citizenship Education
  • (intermediate) Coaching & Mentoring
  • (expert) Communication Skills
  • (beginner) Conflict Management & Mediation
  • (expert) Creativity & Art
  • (advanced) Diversity & Anti-Racism
  • (beginner) Drama & Theatre
  • (expert) Environment & Ecology
  • (intermediate) Equal Opportunities
  • (expert) Evaluation & Assessment
  • (expert) Event Management
  • (intermediate) Financial Management
  • (intermediate) Fundraising
  • (beginner) Gender Awareness & Mainstreaming
  • (advanced) Global Education
  • (expert) Group Dynamics & Motivation
  • (beginner) Health & Prevention
  • (intermediate) Human Rights
  • (expert) Intercultural Learning
  • (expert) International Youth Work
  • (intermediate) Labour Rights & Employment
  • (intermediate) Leadership Development
  • (intermediate) Lobbying & Advocacy
  • (intermediate) New Information Technologies
  • (intermediate) Organizational Management
  • (advanced) Outdoor & Experiential Training
  • (beginner) People Management & Cooperation
  • (advanced) Personal Development & Empowerment
  • (expert) Project Management
  • (advanced) Public Relations & Marketing
  • (advanced) Recognition of NFLearning
  • (advanced) Social Inclusion & Exclusion
  • (advanced) Time Management
  • (advanced) Training of Trainers
  • (advanced) Valorisation of Projects (DEOR)
  • (advanced) Volunteer Programmes
  • (advanced) Youth Exchanges
  • (advanced) Youth Participation & Initiatives
  • (beginner) Youth Policy
  • (expert) Youth Worker Training

Knowledge about institutions and programmes

  • (advanced) Erasmus+ (KA1) Youth Exchanges
  • (expert) Erasmus+ (KA1) European Voluntary Service
  • (expert) Erasmus+ (KA1) Training & Networking
  • (advanced) Erasmus+ (KA2) Transnational Youth Initiatives
  • (intermediate) Erasmus+ (KA2) Strategic Partnerships
  • (expert) Erasmus+ (KA2) Capacity Building (other countries in the World)
  • (beginner) Erasmus+ (KA3) Youth Policy Meetings
  • (beginner) Erasmus+ (lifelong learning, non-youth)
  • (advanced) European Youth Centres (CoE)
  • (intermediate) European Youth Foundation (CoE)
  • (advanced) European Institutions
  • (beginner) Youth Partnership CoE-COM
  • (intermediate) International Youth Structures
  • (advanced) Private Foundations
  • (beginner) United Nations

Working with specific target groups

  • (advanced) Children
  • (beginner) Gay, Lesbian, Bi & Transgender work
  • (expert) Intercultural Teams
  • (intermediate) Marginalized & Excluded Youth
  • (advanced) Minorities
  • (beginner) Religious Youth Groups
  • (beginner) Women's Issues & Groups

Experience with specific geographical regions

  • (beginner) Asia
  • (advanced) Eastern Europe and Caucasus
  • (intermediate) Euro-Mediterranean Co-operation
  • (advanced) European Cooperation
  • (advanced) Global Cooperation
  • (expert) Latin America
  • (intermediate) South East Europe

Language Skills

  • (fluent) English
  • (fluent) Finnish
  • (fluent) Italian
  • (good) Spanish
  • (fluent) Swedish
  • (beginner) Turkish

Trainer references

  • Spread the word!

    Awaiting validation (requested 2017-03-14)
    The training activity took place
    in Turku, Finland
    organised by CIMO, the Finnish NA for YiA
  • EVS on arrival

    Awaiting validation (requested 2014-05-15)
    The training activity took place
    in Kokkola, Finland
    organised by CIMO, the Finnish NA for YiA
  • EVS midterm meeting

    Awaiting validation (requested 2014-03-21)
    The training activity took place
    in Sipoo, Finland
    organised by CIMO, the Finnish NA for YiA
  • EVS Midterm meeting

    Awaiting validation (requested 2016-02-12)
    The training activity took place
    in Oslo, Norway
    organised by Bufdir (Norwegian NA)
  • CMS "European Rural Youth"

    Awaiting validation (requested 2013-07-29)
    The training activity took place
    in Virrat, Finland
    organised by Finnish NA
  • Rural Youth for Employment

    Awaiting validation (requested 2017-02-08)
    The training activity took place
    in Petit Ile, Reunion island
    organised by Mission Locale Sud / Saga Finland rf
  • Connecting Baltic - Europe for Citizens training

    Validated (2017-01-30)
    The training activity took place
    in Stockholm, Sweden
    organised by CIMO (FIN) and Barn och Ungdoms styrelsen (SWE)
    Reference person

    Mauri Uusilehto

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  • Rebuilding the European Story - CoE Studysession

    Validated (2017-02-09)
    The training activity took place
    in European Youth Center Budapest
    organised by Rural Youth Europe
    Reference person

    Pia Nurmio-Perälä

    (Study session manager and co-trainer, Rural Youth Europe)
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  • U SEE+ - Using Social Entrepreneurship for Erasmus+

    Awaiting validation (requested 2017-05-02)
    The training activity took place
    in Gothenburg, Sweden
    organised by Swedish NA
  • EVS on-arrival

    Awaiting validation (requested 2016-02-02)
    The training activity took place
    in Kirkevik, Oslo, Norway
    organised by Juvente / Norwegian NA
  • Strateg+

    Validated (2017-02-12)
    The training activity took place
    in Gothenburg
    organised by Swedish NA
    Reference person

    Andreea Maris

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