Nana Saginashvili


I am a free-lance trainer
I have been working at various levels in various positions in many countries.
I have experience as a trainer in European Activities and specifically in Cultural Diversity and participation areas, Conflict management, Youth Participation, Active Citizenship, Entrepreneurship, Health Life, Human rights Education (bullying, violence, racism, discrimination, gender equality and women right) and Environmental issues;

Nana Saginashvili has 15 references for past work as a trainer.

Nana Saginashvili

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  • Bo Maria Daskalova
    Bo Maria Daskalova
  • Grigor Yeritsyan
    Grigor Yeritsyan

Current occupation

head of the organization, free–lance trainer

Work experience

I have been working at various levels in various positions in many countries.

I have working experience with diversity groups, youth with fewer opportunities, marginalized group, refugees, migrants, asylum seekers, and youth coming from rural and urban areas.

Key qualifications (relevant to the assignment):
• Over 24 years of professional experience in Management
• A very good experience of management of the international projects and management of the organization and finances.
• Good organisational and planning skills with the ability to coordinate information and processes involving multiple people/teams.
• Good experience of managing EU contracts and grants, including proposal submissions and donor reporting;
• Broad experience in all phases of project-management, like writing a proposal, executing the training/seminar, reporting ( in word and finances) and evaluation.
• Broad experience in Youth work.
• Broad experience in Erasmus+ ( youth in action programme, KA1, KA2,KA3, e-twining, adult education).
• Good understanding of fundraising practices, approaches and environment;
• Experience of working with institutional donors (ideally EU);
• Experience liaising with multiple project partners;
• Office administration experience, including a proven track record of successfully maintaining databases and office records;
• Broad experience giving trainings based on formal and non-formal education.
• Broad experience as a trainer and a coordinator in European Activities and specifically in Cultural Diversity and participation areas, Conflict management, Youth Participation, Active Citizenship, Entrepreneurship, healthy life, Human rights Education ( bullying, violence, racism, discrimination, gender equality and women rights) and environmental issues.
• Good experience in social work with Children/youth.
• Experience as Psychologist in Juvenile and Women prison.
• Good communication and leadership skill.
• Good facilitator and team builder.
• Good competences in teamwork, evaluation and follow-up.
• Knowledge and Learning Management.
• Ability to manage a complex and, at times, heavy workload, to multi-task and take initiative;
• Good interpersonal and relationship-building skills, with the ability to work collaboratively, listen to and influence others;
• Common sense approach, with a positive attitude and the ability to adapt to an evolving working environment;
• Cross-cultural sensitivity and appreciation

10. Publications
2017 Educational manual main author “Stand by me” about stopping bullying and violence.
2018 Educational manual main author “Toolkit - Inspire, Educate and Incubate Tomorrow's Leading Entrepreneurs” about entrepreneurship and start-ups.
2019 Educational manual main author “Toolkit -"Peace Will Come” about conflict management.
2020 Toolkit - Learn, (Re)think, Express about non-formal learning methods which can be used by teachers as a guidebook).

Available downloads:

Educational pathway

Education: 1991-1996 Tbilisi State University ( West European Languages)
1994-1996 Faculty of Psychology
1996 Technical University; Public Administration Collage (TACIS)
General Management (Market Economics, Financial Management,
Informational management, Information systems and Technology Courses

Experience in practical work: 1994-2000 State Department of Youth Affairs -
A main specialist in the information administration
1995-2001 An adviser of International Relations
in the State Department
2001 A president of the International Union "ERTOBA" ( Georgia)
2005 A board member "The KNOT" ( Belgium)
2007 A board member International Youth Organizations Network
2008 A board member of "Prioritize", Media group ( German-Poland)
2009 A founder , a president : "International YOUTH Bridges" ( Netherlands)
2010 A founder , a director : "International Association for Peace and Democracy Development" ( Germany)

Fields of training expertise

  • (intermediate) Animation
  • (expert) Bullying & Harassment
  • (expert) Campaigning & Awareness Raising
  • (expert) Change Management
  • (expert) Citizenship Education
  • (expert) Coaching & Mentoring
  • (expert) Communication Skills
  • (expert) Conflict Management & Mediation
  • (expert) Creativity & Art
  • (expert) Crisis Management
  • (expert) Diversity & Anti-Racism
  • (expert) Drama & Theatre
  • (intermediate) Education through Sports
  • (intermediate) Environment & Ecology
  • (expert) Entrepreneurship (Social)
  • (expert) Equal Opportunities
  • (expert) Evaluation & Assessment
  • (expert) Event Management
  • (advanced) Financial Management
  • (expert) Fundraising
  • (expert) Gender Awareness & Mainstreaming
  • (expert) Global Education
  • (expert) Group Dynamics & Motivation
  • (intermediate) Health & Prevention
  • (expert) Human Rights
  • (expert) Intercultural Learning
  • (expert) International Youth Work
  • (intermediate) Labour Rights & Employment
  • (expert) Leadership Development
  • (intermediate) Lobbying & Advocacy
  • (intermediate) New Information Technologies
  • (expert) Open Space Technology
  • (expert) Organizational Management
  • (intermediate) Outdoor & Experiential Training
  • (expert) Peace Education
  • (expert) People Management & Cooperation
  • (intermediate) Personal Development & Empowerment
  • (expert) Project Management
  • (intermediate) Public Relations & Marketing
  • (expert) Public Speaking
  • (expert) Social Inclusion & Exclusion
  • (intermediate) Social Media
  • (expert) Storytelling & Humour
  • (expert) Time Management
  • (expert) Training of Trainers
  • (intermediate) Valorisation of Projects (DEOR)
  • (expert) Volunteer Programmes
  • (expert) Youth Exchanges
  • (expert) Youth Information Work
  • (expert) Youth Participation & Initiatives
  • (expert) Youth Policy
  • (expert) Youth Violence & Criminality
  • (expert) Youth Worker Training

Knowledge about institutions and programmes

  • (expert) Erasmus+ (KA1) Youth Exchanges
  • (expert) Erasmus+ (KA1) Training & Networking
  • (expert) Erasmus+ (KA2) Transnational Youth Initiatives
  • (expert) Erasmus+ (KA2) Strategic Partnerships
  • (expert) Erasmus+ (KA2) Capacity Building (other countries in the World)
  • (expert) Erasmus+ (KA3) Youth Policy Meetings
  • (expert) European Solidarity Corps Volunteering
  • (advanced) Erasmus+ (lifelong learning, non-youth)
  • (expert) European Youth Centres (CoE)
  • (expert) European Youth Foundation (CoE)
  • (expert) Solidarity Fund for Youth Mobility (CoE)
  • (expert) European Institutions
  • (expert) Youth Partnership CoE-COM
  • (expert) International Youth Structures
  • (expert) Private Foundations
  • (intermediate) United Nations

Working with specific target groups

  • (expert) Children
  • (intermediate) Families
  • (intermediate) Gay, Lesbian, Bi & Transgender work
  • (expert) Intercultural Teams
  • (expert) Marginalized & Excluded Youth
  • (intermediate) Men's Issues & Groups
  • (expert) Minorities
  • (expert) Religious Youth Groups
  • (expert) Women's Issues & Groups
  • (expert) Young People in/from Conflict Areas
  • (intermediate) Young People with a Mental Disability
  • (intermediate) Young People with a Physical Disability
  • (intermediate) Young People with a Sensory Disability

Experience with specific geographical regions

  • (intermediate) Africa
  • (intermediate) Asia
  • (expert) Eastern Europe and Caucasus
  • (expert) Euro-Mediterranean Co-operation
  • (expert) European Cooperation
  • (expert) Global Cooperation
  • (intermediate) Latin America
  • (intermediate) North-North Cooperation
  • (expert) North-South Co-operation
  • (expert) South East Europe

Language Skills

  • (intermediate) Dutch
  • (fluent) English
  • (fluent) Georgian
  • (intermediate) Russian

Trainer references

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