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Inspire, Educate and Incubate Tomorrow's Leading Entrepreneurs

The training activity took place
in Georgia/Germany/Netherlands/Armenia
organised by Ertoba

Aims & objectives

1) Transnational meetings for preparation and planning (20.02.2018-23.02.2018, Bad Laer, Germany) and evaluation (12.10.2018-15.10.2018, Yerevan, Armenia);
2)International Training course (18.03.2018-26.03.2018, Valkenburg, The Netherlands) which promoted to develop entrepreneurial competences of youth workers in order to apply learning outcomes in their professional work in their organizations and countries, organize and run online + offline workshops, mentoring, and networking after this course;
3) Local courses in Georgia, Armenia, Germany and Netherlands (April-October).
4) The International Seminar (16.09.2018-21.09.2018, Kobuleti, Georgia) gave to young entrepreneurs new skills but also space to promote own initiatives which they already done or which they were planning to do;
Within this project the partner organizations implemented activities which encouraged cooperation and developed youth work, youth entrepreneurship, offered entrepreneurship education for disadvantaged young people and networking, as well as foster synergies between youth entrepreneurship organizations and with other socio-economic sectors.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Marc Jongen
Tigran Shadunts
Gnale Kaba
Nelly Saginashvili
Dimitri Onashvili

Training methods used & main activities

A wide variety of non-formal learning methods were applied the whole project which included individual and group learning, inputs, inter cultural event, group-building, audio visual materials, inputs, presentations ( from the participants and from the trainers), group and plenary discussions, role-plays, simulation games, study visits, evaluation, reflections.

Outcomes of the activity

It was created a toolbox as a guide book ( February-April);

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team


I worked on this training for 2 years long term project days as a full time trainer.

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