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Peace Will Come

The training activity took place
in Germany/Georgia
organised by IAPDD

Aims & objectives

The project trained youth workers to strengthen them in becoming actors and multipliers in the process of conflict transformation. The course promoted a better understanding
of conflict transformation as a concept, the difficulties that come with it, and how it fits in the wider context of conflict management, peace education, peace-building.

The project included two mobility activities:
The first meeting: training course (A1) brought about an integrated approach to conflict management for youth workers active in national, regional and the larger local
organisations. It was discussed conflict and the conflict management in a holistic way, meaning that all stages of the conflict were addressed, starting from the conflict within
oneself to the biggest and most uncontrolled way of conflict, namely war. It was prepared one day workshop or action to develop in their home country by the participants; on
the second meeting – Seminar (A2), participants were gathered to share their experience from their home activities, as well as worked on future cooperation and improve their
skills as youth workers

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Nelly Saginashvili
Marc Jongen
Sevgi Sarikaya
Dimitri Onashvili

Training methods used & main activities

non-formal and formal education

Outcomes of the activity

The project supported skills, qualifications and personal development of the participants; it empowered youth workers with knowledge of practical skills in how to organize new
approaches/ methodologies in working with their target groups; the participants had good impact by sharing of experiencing/ tools, approaches between youth workers of how
they tackle the problems. Youth workers received the knowledge of how to establish and use new quality project approaches.
The project had concrete steps for the dissemination actions and one of them of online Toolkit-"Peace Will Come"

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team


I worked on this training for an year days as a full time trainer.

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