Meet'in EuroMed

Issue 7


Issue 7-July 2006

(158 KB) by Carla Montesi Chief of EuropeAid/A3 Unit -Centralised Operations for Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle-East
2.NA's perspective
(297 KB) by Pawel Aleksandrowicz, Polish NA
(305 KB) "Education and Civilisation... a three years long journey around the Mediterranean see" by Federica De Micheli, Italy 4.Participants point of view: "An Active discovery of EVS" (343 KB) by Dalila Ferhaoui, France"Water Management Seminar in Jordan. An Unforgettable experience" (316 KB) by Elias kamaratos, Cyprus
5.From participant to organiser's point of view: "Let's meet the three cultures: from Cordoba to Jerusalem" (305 KB) by Françoise Cafri, Israel
6.Training and parenthood: "TATEM parents: a very long-term training course!"(410 KB) by Bandi Koeck, Austria - Yassine Isbouia, Morocco - Fabiola Dina, Lebanon
7.Poetry as a tool: (158 KB) by Miguel Angel Arenas Haro, Spain

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