Meet'in EuroMed

Issue 12


Issue 12 - July 2009

Edito: by Bernard Abrignani - Coordinator of the Salto-Youth EuroMed RC

EuroMed Youth Projects from the EuroMed Youth programme
- Global Citizens in Action Project (GCAP) by Manal Obieda from the Jordan River Foundation
- Communicating Palestine across the Mediterranean by Toine Van Teefelen from AEI Open Windows
- MED 2 DC - Dialogue and Cultural Diversity by Elena Abuadas from the Tatawor Association
- Let's share our traditional wedding ceremonies by Melih Arras from the Tufak Youth Club

Focus on the Baltic Dead Sea Training Course (2008)
- Coordinator's point of view, Claudio Kogon (Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre)
- Israel EuroMed Youth Unit's point of view, by David Krausz (EMY programme Officer)
- Lithuanian National Agency's point of view, by Giedre Tumosaite (Action 3.1 project officer of the YiA programme)
-Estonian National Agency's point of view, by Kaja Ainsalu (YiA project officer)
- EuroMed Youth Projects resulting from the seminar
Educational tool in EuroMed
- The EM Game: the recipe, by Lucia Barbieri (Trainer, coordinator and the "Chef" in charge)
Latest Publications produced by the RCBS through the EMY programme
Salto EuroMed Trainings and events (second part of the year)

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