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Studies and Research collection aims to investigate specific topics relevant in EuroMed area.

Studies and Research collection aims to investigate specific topics relevant in EuroMed area in order to develop good projects and to reinforce the EuroMediterranean cooperation, specific competencies and deeper knowledge is needed by the social workers, youth leaders and trainers.

This collection would like to contribute to the overall reflection about Youth in Euro-Med and to provide some new keys for reading the ongoing situation.

The Youth and its reality is changing faster and for better understand it more broadening is needed. The complexity of the EuroMed area and the role of Youth is a key topic to be developed from different point of view in order to provide support to the main actors of EuroMediterranean cooperation.



Volunteering and Voluntary Service context are very important topics in EuroMed . In fact, volunteering and EVS are seen as a core aspect of civic participation and democracy putting values such as solidarity and non-discrimination into action and contributing to the development of societies. This Study aims to present the perceptions and realities of Volunteering and EVS within EuroMed area and the current situation of different countries.

This Study is available in English, French and Arabic.

Hard copies are available on request.



Supporting learning: long-term training courses in EuroMed" is an handbook made to help bring some clarity to what is for many a fuzzy picture - to help us to be clearer about what we are offering in our role as coaches in EuroMed training course and what expectations can be met. The publication is addressed primarily to trainers and organisers in long-term training courses, but we hope that others may also find inspiration here! This publication is here to help you navigate in and around the Mediterranean Sea as a coach. This handbook is aimed to be used in the framework of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation within two important funding programmes Youth in Action and EuroMed Youth IV.

This Study is available in English, French and in Arabic.

Hard copies are available on request.



This short essay aims at providing basic data about the main international
issues that threaten stability and security in the Mediterranean area;
presenting geopolitics as a methodology to interpret and represent them;
and introducing human security as an effective paradigm to assess threats
that is inspiring, to some extent, international decision makers in their action.

This Study is available in English French

Hard copies are available on request.

N°4 EuroMed Youth and Sustainable Developement

frontpage SD_EN

This Study in available in English and French

Hard copies are available on request

N°5 Youth Empowerment in the EuroMediterranean area


Impertinently but necessarily, we can wonder about the fact that for a long time one has wished of a empowered youth and it brutally barges in and claim if not the power at least to take part in it. Do the declared aims of European programs and EuroMed around empowering contribute or not to these mobilizations ? Is it today possible in thinking about empowerment policies to integrate some learnings of these events?

This Study in available in English and French

Hard copies are available on request


N. 6 Tools for Learning in Non Formal Education

Tools for learning

This publication sets out to provide an overview of the long-term strategy for the field of Tools
for Learning over the last 7 years within the Youth in Action Programme.

The Tools for Learning strategy is based on the Tool Box, Tool Fair and the working group. These pillars support the development of new methods in training and educational activities, reflections on the competencies and skills needed for running sessions and Learning activities based on such tools and methods.

This Study in available in English and French

Hard copies are available on request


N°6 Empowering women in EU and neighbouring countries

This Study in available in English and French

N°7 ICL Youth Workers Competencies working with Refugees NEW

This report observes the situation of youth work in the pro-gram countries of the Erasmus+ Programme. While it cannot offer a complete picture of all youth work, it will give an idea of what kind of youth work exists, how diverse the situations for youth work are in the program countries and what is possible and recommendable for new initiatives and projects.

The report is available in English: wfd://4/3472

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